Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall TV

Life Unexpected * CW * 9pm * Tuesdays (starts 9.14)

Parenthood * NBC * 10pm * Tuesdays (starts 9.14)

Modern Family * ABC * 9pm * Wednesdays (starts 9.22)

The Vampire Diaries * CW * 8pm * Thursdays (started last week)

The Office * NBC * 9pm * Thursdays (starts 9.23)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills * Bravo * 10pm * Thursdays (starts 10.14)

Sadly, Ghost Whisperer will no longer be airing, but will be greatly missed on my DVR
(insert sad face)

What are your favorites this season??
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Suburban prep said...

Love Life Unexpected too.
Sad Ghost Whisperer is off too.

Yankee Wife said...

He he! Just set my DVR to record Parenthood tonight too :) So excited to have some good shows to watch again.

Unknown said...

vampire diaries started?!? i missed episode 1!!! eeek

thanks for the post!

btw - no i didn't receive the prize gift :(

I need to get all the ghost whisperers on dvd (never watched...)

TLF said...

From your list, I'll be watching Vampire Diaries and The Office. Did you watch Hellcats? Love!

Anonymous said...

I'll be watching VD, Modern Family and Parenthood plus many more. I have a post of all my shows coming up soon.

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