Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Stripper To Go, please ...

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a newer product by Deborah Lippmann. has stocked up on The Stripper To Go nail lacquer remover finger mitts and offered to send me a few to try. This girly girl always has her nails done, and I was excited to test out a product I haven't tried yet!
I was pleasantly surprised that this polish remover has a lavender scent to it! Not only is lavender one of my favorite scents, but it is always nice when something as strong as remover has a more gentle smell to inhale while you are using it!
Another perk in my book ... these little mitts are individually wrapped!! Perfect to throw in your car, make-up bag, suitcase, or even your desk drawer! No need to store bulky bottles and cottonballs - these little girls are simple and low maintenance!
Now, one of these pre-soaked mitts are supposed to have enough remover to cover all 10 nails. On natural nails with a normal polish manicure, I could see how this would be true. I have solar nails though, and my most recent mani included a bright neon polish tip with a thicker glitter top coat. We all know how hard it is to remove glitter from our nails .......

I ended up using 3 mitts in all. The first mitt removed most of my polish on all 10 nails. I definitely needed a 2nd mitt to take care of the remaining glitter - which, with a little extra pressure, the glitter came off quite well. The third mitt I used to remove the traces of color and glitter that was on my skin.
The final results were perfect! No glitter fragments, no leftover dye or polish. I was impressed with how gentle this polish remover is ... it didn't damage my solar nails at all, and it also did not dry out my skin or cuticles like most removers do! Very impressed!!
This product contains no toluene, DBP or added formaldehyde. For a box of 6 mitts, the price is $12. A bit spendier than a bottle of acetone and cotton balls, but you pay more for quality!
Deborah Lippmann is known as the 'celebrity manicurist' working with icons such as Cher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce. With shades consistently worn in cover shoots for the most fashionable magazines (Vogue and In Style), Deborah Lippmann has built a reputation as the go-to nail polish both for it's sharp colors and amazing quality.
A big THANK YOU to Nail Polish Canada for selecting me for this review! Have you all checked out their website yet? They offer the top brands, latest collections and colors, great sales and offers, and they ship to the US!

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sprinkles said...

Never heard of these, but I'll be looking for them now.

Christina said...

Those are awesome! I hate taking off glitter polish! It takes forever. Haha!

hotpants™ said...

I love that it worked!

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