Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just one of them weeks ...

It turns out that I am hating my hair! Cutting it short needed to be done, to get rid of all the damage, but I am not liking it. It is constantly in my face, I can barely pull it back. It sucks. Hoping it will grow back quickly. Any tips on how to speed up the process?

Work has been busy this week. Lots of tasks to get done. I really can't complain of this, being the real estate company I work for has been awesome to let me work from home so I can be here around my kiddos' school schedules, but it is tough being glued to a computer screen

And being so busy, I have a DVR full of my favorite shows that I am waiting so patiently to watch. Sigh. Summer finales and fall premieres need to be enjoyed in a timely manner!
Have I mentioned yet that I am tired, too? Mornings are tough ... really, really tough.

Oregon can't quite figure out if it is done with summer yet, so our mornings are very cool and cloudy, while it is in the 80's by the afternoon. This only sucks because it requires a mid-day outfit change, which leads to more laundry.
And to top it all off, I am having one of those bloated weeks where I only want to eat junk-comfort foods. I have an IUD, so no periods for me, only the symptoms. I hate the scale right now ... and how fat my face looks with my dumb short hair.
Aren't y'all glad you stopped by today? Ha ha!! This only proves that I am human, and I am happy that I have this little space and friends to vent to! Hope everyone is having a great week ... xoxoxo!!

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Sasha said...

I think your haircut is so cute! Mine is about the length of yours, and I just keep it tucked behind my ears. Have you tried a headband to keep it pulled back?

Christina said...

Bummer about your hair!!! I think it looks so cute, but I feel ya. I seem to always be in a state of growing out my hair and this last haircut I got totally screwed me over because she added way too many layers. Bobby pins have become my best friend. I’m sort of over the 80 degree days now! I’m ready for fall. We have a really thick fog right now and I love it! I’m sad things are tough for you lately, but I do love reading posts like this. Not everything is happy and sunny all the time.

Betsy said...

Hang in there Friend! You can totally handle this. The week is almost over! PS. I love your hair! I'm sorry it's too short to pull back though. It will grow out quickly :)

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I love your haircut girl but can totally relate to you when you're just not happy with you hair and no matter what other's tell us is just annoying and ugly to us!! LOL

hang in there doll.

<3 Marina

Dana said...

I love your haircut!! Super cute! But then again I am not a fan of short hair on myself all for the same reasons you listed.

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