Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I tried it ... SodaStream

Hubby received a SodaStream for Christmas, and let me tell ya, girls ... it is so blog-worthy! Make your own pop at home ... genius! This system is super easy to use ... fill the bottle with water, lock it in the Soda Stream, push the button for desired carbonation, watch the bubbles get added to your water, and mix in your favorite soda, tea, juice, italian soda or water flavor. Voila! The end results taste amazing! I am obsessed with the Root Beer right now!!
And guess what a big perk is with this do-it-yourself little product? The beverages are way better for you than all other soda pops! Check out this little chart from the SodaStream website ...
We are so happy with our SodaStream and use it every day! The up-keep costs are pretty minimal ... the carbonators need to be replaced when they get low ($14.99), and the soda /juice syrups are $5 per bottle (averaging 33 cans of pop). Go get yourself one!!

3 shout-outs!:

teachermegpie said...

We got one too! We haven't tried it yet though!

love jenny xoxo said...

I was wondering about this, I'm glad to hear it's awesome!! Now I want one!!!


Suze said...

My friends got one for Christmas and said we should get one, but I doubted. Your review is really convincing! I didn't realize the nutrition values were so vastly different. And it tastes good too?! Awesome!

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