Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scrub a dub dub ...

Oh how I love my shower time!! There is nothing I look forward to more in my evenings than taking a shower. Another simple and necessary thing that I so much enjoy! I shower at night, right before bed. It is my little tranquility I get after the boys go to bed .... ahhhh!
As I got out of the shower the other night, I reassured Tim that I wasn't losing my mind and grabbed my camera ... to take pictures of the products that make my shower time so much more relaxing! A couple months ago I started trying Burt's Bees products ... I was so tired of lotions and washes that made my skin feel dry and itchy. This line of products is kinda on the spendy side ... the Milk & Honey lotion is about $9 for the size bottle shown, but my skin has never been so hydrated and smooth! I use the Milk & Shea Butter body wash, and the Peach & Willowbark scrub for my face. Once a week, I like to use a body scrub, and I love The Body Shop's line! The cocoa butter one is a great moisturizer, even though it isn't the prettiest smelling. They have a ton of different scents though and I like to switch them up. They usually last a while, too and aren't very expensive. One last must-have that I keep stocked up on is a body wash by Dial - Soy and Almond Milk. Oh my goodness - this is the absolute best smelling soap I have ever used!! Tim loves it for the bath, too (yes, my man takes baths!). You can find it anywhere - Target, Walmart, grocery stores and is usually only a few bucks. Next time you are shopping, just open a bottle of this stuff and smell it ... YUM!!
So there you have it ... a little insight into my personal world of showering! Hope you all enjoyed, and if you have favorite products you want to share, comment and let me know!! I am always excited to try new stuff!

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Jackie said...

Boy! I'm impressed. Have you seen my bathroom counter? I've got way more bottles crammed into my corner than you. Maybe it's time to downsize : ) I will say, I'm trying to use all my lotions & washes up before going out and trying any new ones. So it could be a while before I get to the Burt's Bee's line!

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