Monday, May 11, 2009

Ask and you shall receive ...

Great questions from my post this last week, girls!! If there are any other inquiring minds who wanna know something, then please ask away! Here is the first set of questions and answers ...

Amy from The Seifert's Diary of Life asked ...

How did you and Tim meet?
We met at Eastside Athletic Club in late December 1998. I was a senior in high school and worked at the gym in daycare and at the front desk. Tim was a member and spotted me working with the kids one night, and immediately asked my co-workers all the details about me. Our first date was January 2, 1999 and we have been together ever since.
What high school did you go to?
I went to Clackamas High School, Class of 1999. Tim was Class of 1997, and we did not know eachother in high school. We hung out in seperate crowds, but in a video of Tim goofing off in the hallway with his friends, you can see me looking on in the background! Pretty crazy that I was laughing at my future husband!!
What are your biggest pet peeves?
Drivers who don't use their turn signals!! Ugh - how annoying!! And of course, stinkin' women who steal the parking spot you are waiting for!
When are we going to meet in person for a drink?
LOL - love this one!! I often think of how fun it would be to get a big group of us bloggers together for a girls night out! Lots of laughs would be shared, I am sure. Seriously ... let's plan a night!! :o)

3 shout-outs!:

Ang said...

Fun reading your answers! You and Tim must have met JUST after he was down here working at the mission? Justin & I started dating in the spring of '98 and I remember Tim had oh-so-much advice for me, LOL.

Can't wait until our families get together! It will be great to see the boys playing and the husbands... doing what they do LOL ;)

Hugs and happy week friend!

Timi said...

Fun reading Mrs.Baker!
Hey, I'm co working on a Pacific Northwest Blog Party in August. It's going to be held in Snohomish in the downtown shopping area.
It would be fun if you could make it up. It would be a fun family or girls weekend.

B, A, H & C said...

how fun, a blog girls weekend!!! would love to do that. but that drink needs to happen before that! :) i did know you went to CHS too. :)

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