Monday, September 28, 2009

Nursing the Wounds

I love dressing up. Getting all girly and rockin' the heels is one thing I highly look forward to. These last two weekends, I celebrated a bachelorette party, 3 weddings, and a girls night out! All perfect events to get dressed up for! So exciting and fun!! However, every pair of stillettos that I wear for longer than an hour result in P.A.I.N!!! I have yet to find a comfortable pair of hot pumps over 3 inches tall. Blisters and throbbing feet are not fun to deal with by the end of the night and throughout the following days.
So, let's hear it girls ... what is your favorite, most comfortable brand of high heel shoes? I am talkin' sexy, perfect for dancing the night away, oh-so-drool worthy, makes a girl wanna smile, lovelies! If I don't find some new heels, I'll be wearing flip flops to my next outing!!

Picture courtesy of The Devil Wears Prada

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Ashley said...

I would love to know the answer to that question too! I love to wear heels too but after awhile my feet are killing me.

Erik and Mary said...

BCBG always brings me "comfort"... they are the first brand I look for and tend to buy cause they are stinkin cute and more comfortable then the rest... But it has to be the REAL BCBG the outlet brands tend to be less comfy.

Jules said...

Steve Madden is the closest I've come to comfort, but they still aren't the best. I have a pair of Naturalizers that are cute peep-toe heels too. The heel is only about 2 inches, so that might be why they’re not that bad. I am always on the hunt for the perfect comfy pair!

Molly said...

I have TONS of heels, but my most comfy are Jonathan Martin. I have 2 pairs with 4'' heels and they are very comfortable!

allaboutthehendersons said...

Madden Girl by Steve Madden. They can last about 3 hours til they start hurting! I love mine ... and they are all super cute!

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