Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Silky Smooth Legs

Just a few tips on getting the absolute smoothest, softest shave evah!! Set aside a nice little chunk of time and allow for no interruptions, girls!
First off, you will need a rich sugar scrub. I love The Body Shop scrubs, but unless I can get them on sale, I don't keep these on stock. I found a yummy pineapple scrub at Rite-Aid that I love, and I know Walmart and Target have some pretty inexpensive scrubs with great scents as well.
Next up, be sure you have a great razor! I have found that my hubby's Mach 3 razor works beautifully, but I am currently using Schick's Quattro because it is pink and I was in the mood for a girly color. You want to make sure you have a fresh cartridge so the razor can work to its full potential.
Allow your legs to soak in warm water for a few minutes. I am not a bath girl, so I just soak up the hot water standing in the shower. Scoop up a handful of your sugar scrub and apply to legs in a circular, upward motion. Be firm enough to allow for great exfoliation, but not so tough as to irritate your skin.
Now, most scrubs that I have used leave behind a moisturizing layer of oil. This makes for the best shave cream!! No need to foam up extra gel, that usually dries my skin out anyways! After rinsing the scrub from your legs, go right ahead and start shaving, starting from the ankle and working your way up. If you are anything like me, on a normal day of being a momma and rushing about, I always miss places - usually a nice little strip straight down my shin, or on my knees. Of course I never notice it until I am out and about either. So take your time and be sure to get every spot. I like to go over each leg a couple times to be sure.
Rinse off one last time in cooler water. This helps close up your pores and seals the hair follicles. Gently pat them dry ... don't rub them! This may cause irritation!! Plus, leaving a bit of the water on your skin adds more moisture.
Lastly, apply an ultra-rich body cream to moisturize. Again, The Body Shop has a wonderful line of creams (Cocoa Butter being one of my faves), but they are spendy. My highly recommended choice above all the rest is Burt's Bees Milk and Honey Lotion. It doesn't have a pretty smell, but it is natural and doesn't have all the artificial preservatives that tend to be drying. While this lotion is about $9 a bottle, a small amount goes a long way. And the smell fades pretty quickly (it is not horrible, but definitely not a floral or sweet smell). Massage your cream of choice into legs, and admire how soft and smooth they are!! They will feel amazing and look oh-so-sexy!

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Amy said...

Ooo, I like this! Sounds like a great idea! I always miss places too. Thanks for sharing!

R. Wallis @ TrueBeauty said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm definitely going to try this. On a normal day of shaving in the morning, I am stubbly by the afternoon because I am so stinking cold natured :) I've started the laser hair removal process, so hopefully I won't be shaving my legs but for a month or so more!

Jules said...

These are some great tips and I have never tried to exfoliate and then shave before. I'll definitely do that and see how it works out. I have a really good scrub from Bath & Body Works that should work well. Thanks!

Hannah said...

Is is bad that I just use hair conditioner and shave my legs with that at the gym?

Molly said...

Oh, girl. You KNOW I needed this tutorial!

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