Monday, February 15, 2010

Stand By Your Man

The Real Housewives of Orange County ... very entertaining, full o'drama, and definitely on my dvr list. After watching the latest episode though, I couldn't help but feel sick to my stomach. Sure, the ladies don't always show their classy sides and seem to be pretty naive about the world around them, but one particular trait is irking me like no other.
Lynne, Vicki, and Tamra show absolutely zero respect for their husbands. The way they talk to them, the way they talk about them, the amount of disrespect they show for the men they committed their lives to, is absolutely shameful.
My husband is my everything. He is my rock, my protector, my heart. He is me, we are one. Where he leads, I will follow. If he fails, I fail. I support him, and love him, and care for him. I show him the utmost highest respect whether behind closed doors or out in public. I do not bash him, I do not ever speak badly of him. I am submissive and more loyal than a golden retriever. My man works hard to provide us everything we need or want, and he is an amazing daddy to our boys. He treats me like a princess and shows me the same love and respect in return.
Watching Lynne bash Frank for his financial failures (as she is out on mini-vacays, 5-star dining and shopping sprees with the girls) is unacceptable. Tamra choosing to keep a relationship with someone who interferes and causes problems in her marriage is so very disrespectful (no wonder Simon filed for divorce). And Vicki, who regardless of being a very smart and successful woman, talking down and belittling her husband is so very sad.
Now I know I only see what the cameras show on TV, and honestly I do not judge these women for the lives that they lead. I am simply a girl who values her hubby and adores him with everything. It would absolutely devastate me to treat my husband in such a nasty manner. When their show comes to an end and they can no longer afford plastic surgery (which btw - what is up with all the sagging wrinkling skin on Lynne??), who do they think is going to be there for them?


Stephanie Hartman said...

Girl I totally agree I couldn't ahve said it better myself I can't believe that they really treat thier husbands like that on national T.V. You think after they saw some of the episodes they would see how they treat them my goodness I could Never treat or talk to Brandon the way they do with thier husbands....

Queenie Jeannie said...

I totally confess to indulging in this guilty pleasure!!! It makes me feel so incredibly SMART, lol! I would like to think that if I had their money, I would NOT have their lifestyle. Is everything truly that fake and plastic in southern California???

Lynne just isn't that bright. Seriously, she's a dim bulb. And she's CLUELESS about being a parent. Even Gretchen gets that!

As for Tamra, yes I agree that Vicki hasn't been the best for her marriage, BUT Simon really talks down to Tamra and bosses her around. Plus he cheated on her. I kinda hopes she takes him to the cleaners, and then gets therapy.

Vicki I always, always, always hated on so many levels....until she woke up and took stock of her life. Then she apologized to her poor neutered husband and they renewed their wedding vows. I got teary watching that. She may wear the pants in that relationship, but I think we're finally seeing a kinder and gentler Vicki.

My two cents, lol!

And my Soldier rocks my world too!!!!

sprinkles said...

I know guys and girls in real life who treat their significant others like that. I always wonder why someone would stay and not demand to be treated better.

My ex-asst. manager at my old job treated anyone and everyone like they were the scum on the bottom of her shoe, including her children and her boyfriend.

Hissyfits & Halos said...

I lost a very good friend of mine, recently, because I told her I couldn't bear to listen to the way she talked about her husband, and the way she treated him. I don't like being around women like that. Friend or not.
If you're given a blessing, do right by it, and act deserving.
I couldn't watch a show like this. I'd throw things at the TV. Hubby doesn't like when I do that. hehe ;)

Unknown said...

Sadly, a lot of Southern Cali is like that! I too can't stand how the hubbies are treated on the show, but who knows how they are in real life. I too respect my man in the same manner as you! Great post!

Anonymous said...

is Simon really filing for divorce?? where did you hear it??

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