Thursday, July 28, 2011

Save vs Splurge ... DIY or Salon trip?

Box or Salon?
Pros and cons for a trip to the salon ... if you are like me, then you love the salon experience! The wash, the dry, the blow-out ... hair looking gorgeous without having to do the work myself - l.o.v.e.!! The cons? Spending 2 (or more) hours of my day and handing over the credit card to pay the ginormous bill.!
My hair is pretty basic. Long, layered and dyed one color ... black. Once a year, I like to head into the salon for a trim and to define my layers. This year, I added the purple extensions - SO fun, LOVED them, but they started to fade after just 5 weeks, so I took them out - SO sad!! This year's salon trip cost me $150, not including tip. I dyed my hair at home before my appointment to save on time and cash, but without doing the extensions, my bill would have been the same if I had the stylist dye it for me. Just the hair coloring alone, with my long hair, at any salon starts at $75. I simply cannot justify spending that kind of money every 4 to 6 weeks.

I have access to a beauty supply store that is open to the public. I usually get my hair color there, as do a lot of salon stylists. I pay $6 per bottle of color (my hair takes about a bottle and a half, so I always purchase 2) and $10 for a bottle of developer (which lasts several colorings). I have a brush and a bowl, and my sister-in-law and I get together to do each other's hair. Simple, easy and cheap.
This last time around, I wanted to try Clairol's Nice N Easy Color Foam (found at your local drugstore). The advertisements for this line claim for an easy, no-drip application that covers entirely (including gray hair) and lasts a full 4 to 6 weeks (its a permanent color).

To mix, add bottle number one to bottle number 2, attach the pump and shake until mixed. Literally takes a minute of your time.

Next up, squeeze the bottle. The dye comes out as a foam. Apply it all over your hair, as you would shampoo. Yep! No need for portioning off your hair ... just saturate with the color foam! Leave on for about 25 to 35 minutes, and rinse. As with most in-store hair coloring products, Clairol includes a super hydrating conditioner packet to apply after you rinse, plus an extra one to use in 3 weeks.

The foam did not drip, as promised, and covered completely! I am three weeks into my color and it has not faded. My roots will noticeably grow-out in the next 2-3 weeks, and I will re-dye then.

The winner ... If you have one hair color (no highlights or special treatments), then absolutely save the cash and do-it-yourself at home. Most permanent hair colors you find in the stores are just as suitable as salon formulas. However, if you have the extra dough in your budget, then hit up the salon, girl! There is nothing quite like the pampering treat of having a stylist maintain your locks for you.

And by the way ... the pic of me at the top of this post was the results of the color foam, just dyed and blow-dryed ... could you tell?


Anonymous said...

i do it myself too. i used to spend the money because it wasn't too much since one of my best friends runs her own salon but by the time i drive to her salon pay for the cut/color and tip it costs way more than i can really afford. so i resorted to the local drugstore and my twin will apply the color. boyfriend's mom cuts my hair and it's a win win. cutting costs in beauty is the best ever.

sprinkles said...

I do my color myself because the salon I go to charges like $75 and more for longer hair. WTF? It seriously does NOT use that much product and unless you're having a complex weave or something done, I don't see the need to charge that much. And I used to do hair for a living!

I'm kinda thinking of going to a different salon. The last few times I've gone in for a trim, the girl did a half ass blow dry style and didn't even add any styling product or anything.

Tracy D said...

I used to be a salon only girl but lately I'm just hating the time in the chair and the $$. I've liked the Feria coloring line, seems to cover any grey and keeps my hair looking fairly healthy.

Anonymous said...

I used to do it myself until I realized the damage I was doing to my own hair. Now, I pay someone else to do it every time.

Unknown said...

I have yet to try this one out. I do too dye and cut my own hair :)

<3 Marina

C said...

I haven't used a box since high school and college. I'm sure it's totally improved since then! My super fine hair feels so much thicker and healthier to me when I get it done at the salon. And it lasts a lot longer, too. I do agree that it takes forever! My lady is the sloooooowest but she's so good.

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