Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Save vs Splurge ... Makeup Remover Wipes

MAC Wipes, Vitamin E infused, classic MAC scent, silky textured cloth, quickly removes eye makeup, great for touch-ups. Purchased at Nordstrom, 30 ct. for $15.

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Evening Soothe with Chamomile and White Tea. Quilted little wipes with a heavenly scent that wipes away my eye makeup with ease. No oily residue left behind, just clean skin. I purchased a 30 ct. package at Target for $4.79.

The winner ... this is a tough one, because I am generally a MAC snob. Their makeup remover wipes are pretty awesome, removing makeup quickly and getting the job done. Sometimes they can leave behind a pretty heavy oily layer that I need to wipe away with a hand towel. With the Pond's towelettes, I needed to get used to the quilted texture. It was a little rougher than I was used to with MAC. The scent of chamomile and white tea is so amazing! That alone earns extra points in my book. Overall, I feel like the budget-friendly Pond's is just as suitable for a makeup remover wipe as MAC's. I do think the packaging could be a little better though. The sticky flap looses it's ability to seal, so I end up using a zip-lock bag to keep the wipes moist. MAC was thinking ahead and added a plastic snap-top on their packaging.

And a tip to keep any makeup remover wipe fresh and moist ... store the package with the top facing down. This ensures that the cleanser doesn't pool up on the bottom wipes.

4 shout-outs!:

missy. said...

good suggestion. i use neutrogena makeup removers. 24 ct for close to the same price as ponds. i love them.

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Great review and great tips girl. I used sometimes my son's wipes to take my make up off!! Hey don't judge it works for me...LOL

<3 Marina

hotpants™ said...

I love the Ponds wipes.

Christina said...

I never thought of storing them upside down! Awesome. I use Proactive wipes. I don't use Proactive face wash, but I have sensitive skin so I buy some of their other products (sunscreen, green tea moisturizer and makeup remover wipes). I think people would be surprised at how good they are.

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