Monday, April 30, 2012

Mini Fashion Week ... Monday

Cleaning out my fashion files this week ... nothing too exciting, but thought I'd share some of my birthday wardrobe finds.
Jeans ... Gap
Oatmeal layer tank ... Old Navy
Peach racerback pocket tank ... American Eagle
Flip Flops ... Bandals (love the changeable bands!)
Accessories - Necklaces and Bracelets ... Forever 21
Nail polish ... OPI Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection
I have a little trick for customizing my necklaces that I find at amazing prices. Being they are so cheap ($4 to $6), if I find a layered necklace I adore a certain part of, I will buy it and literally cut off the layers I don't like with sharp scissors. In this ensemble, I am wearing 2 separate necklaces. Both of these necklaces came with a hideous amount of gold chains that a) became a tangled mess when wearing them, and b) took away from the fabulous pop of color that I wanted to stand out. So I simply cut off the chains. A super simple alteration that made the look even better!
As for the silly pic ... my hubby thinks it's entertaining to continue snapping pics of me AFTER I am done posing ... thought I'd throw that one in there to show how I keep it real around here.
Happy Monday, Peeps ... check back in tomorrow to see Tuesday's fashion post!


Sasha said...

Love your pedi!

TLF said...

Loving the toe polish!!

Anonymous said...

My mom has flip flops where you can change out the bands. I want some!

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