Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's my party ...

Tomorrow is my birthday ... holla!!
I will wake up a 32-year-old ... woot woot!!
Every year (knock on wood) I am blessed with warm, sunny weather.
This year is no different ... 75 degrees is expected!
{Doing a happy dance!}

 My birthday month always brings a bit of stress to the checking account. It's the time of year when I update my spring/summer wardrobe. My hubby has learned to be a good sport about the dip in funds that the month of April brings.
I am blessed with amazing friends and family who all make me feel so special and loved! Lunch dates, pedicures, shopping trips, and even a home-cooked Italian feast ... this girl is definitely spoiled!
Have a fruity martini on your lunch break tomorrow, listen to a little 90's hip hop (throw in some Britney, too), and soak up some sunshine ....
it's my birthday!!
xoxo xoxo

4 shout-outs!:

Misty said...

Hope you have a fab birthday and have fun shopping!

Christina said...

I love that you get sunny weather every year! That's not always the case in April. I hope you have an awesome day and your guys treat you well!! I'll definitely listen to some Britney in celebration!

Sasha said...

Have a wonderful birthday!

Simply Sky said...

Happy Belated Birthday

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