Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tweet Tweet

I Twitter, although I am not quite sure why. It feels as if I am talking to myself. No one ever responds to my status updates, and I really don't know if anyone really cares what I am doing at random moments in the day. But I tweet anyways ... for those of my followers who wanna know what I am up to. I am definitely not up on the lingo and proper re-posting guidelines, but for those of you on Twitter and wanna follow me, here's my link ... just click on the funny picture I found through Google Images.

3 shout-outs!:

R. Wallis @ TrueBeauty said...

I feel ya! We should just start responding to each others tweets so our cool twitter peeps will think we know what we are doing :)

Alyssa is the Queen. said...

I totally feel the same way. Twitter isn't my highest priority and i often forget to "update". but, then again you wonder if anyone reads them anyway lol.

Jules said...

I follow you, but I'm not on there a lot. I should "tweet" more. We have too much technology to keep up with these days, I tell ya ;)

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