Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Friday

A girlfriend and I got together a bunch of clothes we were no longer into and we swapped items ... this jacket was one of my finds!
Earrings were on sale at Old Navy a few weeks ago ... these gold-ish hoops were in a 2 pack and are the smaller of the set. Hard to see in the pic, but they aren't a shiny gold ... more muted and brassy.
Check out what I learned how to do from a fellow blogger!! This little side twist is so easy and literally takes 30 seconds to do! I will show you how next week!
My long sleeve tee is from the Miley Cyrus collection at Walmart. It was $5 and I adore thermal tees.
The tee has these studs on each sleeve ... military inspired, I am sure. My necklace is from Forever 21. I have had this for a couple years, and it was a steal at $4.80! I like how the brown rope is knotted with the gold chain.
Thanks so much for all the love on my new blog design! I heart my blog designer's mad skillz ... she is pretty fabulous to work with. She is a busy gal in high demand, so there will be timing issues on your delivery date, but in the end you will L.O.V.E. your design! Plus, her and I share a name ... we are special like that. She is actually hosting a HUGE design giveaway on her blog ... go check her out!
Happy Friday!!

2 shout-outs!:

Tracy D said...

Love the jacket & the necklace !

sprinkles said...

I'm loving the new blog design! Sooo pretty!

I got a new outfit for Christmas from the Miley Cyrus collection. It's not something I would have ever bought for myself and it's too small. The tags were cut off though and Walmart wouldn't take them back so I'm stuck with it.

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