Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Fever ...

I love this time of year ... not because we have beautiful sunny weather and the daffodils start sprouting (ha! not here in the rainy Pacific NW), but because it is getting closer to my birthday!! Spring fashions start hitting the stores and I start to prepare my birthday wish list! So. Very. Exciting!!
This weekend, hubby let me pick up a couple new tops to keep my cravings down. I have been really good at not shopping so far this year, and I don't wanna lose my strength to continue to do so. He knows this, and because he is the bees knees in my world, he rewarded me!

Wet Seal
Oneill at Zumiez

Forever 21

Now, if the weather would just warm up so I can wear these ... sigh.

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Molly said...

cute, cute choices! love that first top!

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