Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Turn It Up Tuesday!!

I am loving this song right now ... did anyone see Jessie J perform this on Saturday Night Live this last weekend? I think she is a pretty girl, but am sad that she dresses so darn funky. I don't get why artists choose to have such elaborate and crazy fashion attitudes. I understand that they have access to some of the greatest designers (and some of the most hideous) and have the cash to do what they want, but I hate being distracted by their ensembles. Their creative freedoms tend to get a little out-of-hand sometimes. While I have seen far worse, Jessie's look for her SNL performance of this song was just gross and it made her booty look ginormous.

2 shout-outs!:

sprinkles said...

Never heard of her and didn't see SNL. I like this song though!

Jennifer Milena said...

Not only is she pretty, but she has a really unique look to her which a lot of artists these days don't have... well minus Lady Gaga haha. I LOVE this song!

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