Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yo! It's About That Time .....

I am so excited for this time of year ... holiday season!! Every year, here on dot...dot...dot..., I host up a ton of giveaways from amazing companies in a one-week giveaway extravaganza!! I am now opening up an invitation for all you crafty shops and companies to contact me to participate in this year's event! What better way to advertise for your company going into the gift-giving season! There is NO charge to participate. You simply offer up one (or more) of your products for giveaway here on my blog for a lucky winner(s). In return, each and every company who participates will get a banner placed here in the sidebar on dot...dot...dot... for the remainder of the year (easy access for followers to link back to you when holiday shopping), and advertisement on all social media outlets. If you would like permanent sponsorship year-round, simply send me along a product or two to enjoy myself. No shame, peeps ... this girl loves gifts!
Contacting me is simple ... just send me an email to aprilbaker23 at yahoo dot com and let me know that you want in! You don't need to have all your giveaway details worked out just yet, I will collect that info in a couple of weeks ... just a brief message with your contact information and company's website/product info.
This event kicks off on Monday, December 3rd, so reserve your spot today!!

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