Friday, August 29, 2008

A little drivers education ...

There is nothing more aggravating than stupid drivers!!! Just a couple words of advice:

Always go the posted speed limit!! I never mind if you want to go faster than the limit, but for sanity's sake, DO NOT drive below the posted limit!! It drives people crazy!!! Move over if you are too scared to put your foot on the gas pedal!!
And use your turn signals!! You know, those are controlled by that stick lever thing on the left side of your steering column!! Arrgggg!!!

LOL! Have a nice day and drive responsibly!

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Jackie said...

I agree! Today the massive Ford truck in front of me couldn't find the gas peddle, another lady was texting or playing w/her phone, another driver stopped 2x at the same stop sign, another driver just rolled thru his stop sign, and let's throw in 2 different areas of road construction. Gotta love holiday traffic!

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