Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh my!

I had a busy day out today with the boys and my gram. Lunch and shopping at least once a week is what my gram loves to do - it has been our norm for years. Target was on our agenda today. Who doesn't love Target, right? Our Target has been under construction and remodeling for the last couple months, and I must say that I am loving the new look and selections they are bringing in with the expansion of the store (including a Starbucks!!!). Yay for us!! The parking lot, however, is a joke right now. The construction has temporarily wreaked havoc on the lanes and available parking spots, causing a lot of frustrated drivers!
Today, as we were trying to pull out of our spot, we were having to wait for a minivan who had stopped behind us waiting for a car to pull out (Hello! Just put your car in reverse and you can have my space!!). Low and behold, another woman swooped in and stole the minivan's spot she was waiting for. Keep in mind that the lanes are not that wide due to the construction and there was no way someone could not have seen another person stopped with their turn signal on.
Of course, we have all had this happen to us in our lifetime. It sucks! I like to yell and blare my horn at the offender from inside the safety of my car and I'll shoot some dirty looks their way. Call me a chicken, but there is no way I am going to put my kids or myself in any danger for the sake of telling someone off. People can be crazy!! Apparently, the minivan lady had some balls though and marched right up to the window of the other lady and was yelling at her about the incident. The offender just rolled her eyes and rolled her window up as she went about gathering her things to go inside the store. What a way to piss off the person even more ... not only did you steal the spot she was waiting for, but go ahead and act like you could care less about what you did! Sheesh!!

2 shout-outs!:

Emily said...

Wow...I'm with you.
I probably wouldn't have gotten out. But how rude.
My blood is boiling just thinking about it.

The nerve of some people...

Jodee said...

Yep..been there. I am so like you...i can sure run my mouth in the safety of my own car!!!! I am laughing at the other lady who did get out! GO GIRL! Shoot...that was funny~ she did what I wish I could do:) I am just now skipping around your blog...your even funnier than i thought...thanks for the laugh tonight!

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