Monday, August 18, 2008

Quick and Easy!

My cooking style is simple. I make what my family likes and don't use complicated recipes to achieve that goal (obviously, the pureeing didn't last). One thing I always love to keep in the refrigerator is Pillsbury Cresent Rolls. Not only are they delicious by themselves, but they are great for stuffing! Cheese, hot dogs, tuna, ham, turkey, chicken, peanut butter and jelly ... the list goes on! Wraps are so easy to put together - just roll out the pre-scored dough, layer in your favorite fillings and bake about 15 minutes in the oven! So simple and my boys love them!

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Erik and Mary said...

thanks for the idea...i tried honey smoked turkey with swiss. i am not a fan of pre-packaged foods but erik LOVED them! And I thought they were pretty tasty! Yay!

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