Thursday, November 6, 2008

A friend so dear ...

Without this trusty little planner, I would lose all that is left of my brain. Seriously!! I have used this specific brand planner for years!! I don't know why I prefer this one over any other, but around this time of every year I purchase a new one. It is a week by week planner with plenty of space to write down all my appointments and things to do, plus it has little side notes to keep lists. I'm off to get a new one today before I forget!! Ha!!
How do you stay organized?

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More, More, More said...

I don't! that's my problem! I do have a really good memory - long term not so much short term but long term yes. I saw this calender in the store this morning and thought it looked like a good tool if I actually used it that is!

Ang said...

I have never seen this planner, I will have to look for it come 2009!

I blogged about this :) But wanted to share this site/blog:

Ohmygoodnessgracious. When you have some time to sit and browse, take a look at what she has on there. Tons of free downloads and really helpful articles.

I just bought everything I need to create a household organizer (binder). I can't wait! LOL!

Thanks for the tip on the planner, where do you get it?

Jackie said...

I use a spiral notebook, like the ones we use to use for school and write lists. Lots of list - sometimes daily if I'm really put together and then you've seen my calendar on my fridge : )
Same brand that you have, thanks to you and your ideas. Thanks for paving the way into mommy-land!

JenWebb702 said...

I use a calendar that fits in my purse. I need something that I can carry with me. I love the looks of this one, but don't see it fitting into some of my purses. What are the measurements?

April said...

Usually you can find this at any book or calender store. As for the size, Jennifer ... it's definitely not pocketbook size - and it weighs a little bit being spiral bound. Mine stays on my bedside table so I can go over it every night! :o)
Thanks for all the comments, ladies!! I am loving them!!

amy s said...

i wish i was organized enough to have a planner! :) i just posted on this same thing. actually i use my work calendar to jot things down-it works while i am at work but when i am not there i am pretty lost. i think i will check this out though.

Jennifer said...

I think I need to get something like that.

Emily said...

I just ordered one!!!

You sold me!
I was just waiting for my Borders Coupon to come in the mail.

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