Friday, November 21, 2008


Who knew that a simple blog layout change could take so stinkin' long!! Arrgg!! So frustrating when you have to re-do your entire blog roll because for some unknown reason, the widget got deleted. And of course, I can't find a new holiday layout that I can't live without, so I went with a basic winter theme (still cute - thank you to the cutest blog on the block - but not what I was originally going for). Sigh ... oh well! I am happy with the new look! What do you think? Have a great weekend!!!

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Jodee said...

Now you got me scared to change again....I lost all my stuff one time in the beginning and I was so mad! But this last time when I changed from LeeLou to cutest I didnt loose anything...Gosh I hope it doesn't do that anymore~ I have lots of holiday ones I want to change thru out the season! Sorry it happened to you, but I totally understand!

PS- I am going to add you to my list of favorites! I love it!

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