Monday, November 3, 2008

The Joys of Boys

I absolutely love being a mom to boys ... and with that said, I did my cool mommy duty of ordering the boys tadpoles. Yes, tadpoles! Nana got Maddox a frog habitat last spring. Apparently, tadpoles cannot be shipped during the warmer months, so we have had to wait to order. I received an email from the frog company, and they will be shipping in a couple weeks.
Jealous? You can have them, too! Just go to and use the coupon code SUMMIT to receive a free tadpole. The tadpoles grow to be cute little leopard frogs, and hopefully this will be a great educational experience for the boys. Need a unique gift for the little boy(s) in your world? There you have it! :o)

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andrea said...

Oh, my little guy would love this! Thanks for sharing :)

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