Sunday, November 9, 2008

... Girls Weekend ...

This weekend was planned out months in advance ... at Jackie's baby shower for Natalie back in July, the Baker girls and the Timmons/Curtis girls decided it was time for a trip to Seattle to visit the premium outlets!
We headed out Friday morning, starting the day off right at Biscuits Cafe for breakfast. We had an interesting start ... forgetting the GPS, running a few minutes late for the scheduled meeting time, the waitress knocking over my cranberry juice into my lap, and Miss Macey not feeling so hot. Breakfast was delicious though, and after the eventful meal, we headed off! Destination: Seattle!! Estimated Travel Time: 3 hours, 15 minutes

Mom, me, niece Natalie (2 months), Jackie, Linda, Macey (6 months), and Mary

Mary booked our hotel reservations at the beautiful W Hotel in downtown Seattle. We made great time, arriving in Seattle around 2:15 pm. We decided to stop in at the hotel to check in before continuing onto the outlets. Our room was great and so comfy! A little freshening up, and we were back out on our way ..... only to fight traffic for over an hour in what should have been a smooth 30 minute drive from our hotel. Sigh.

W Hotel, Seattle

Once our eyes focussed in on the amazing entrance to our shopping wonderland, we perked right back up! I have never been so willing and eager to jump out into the cold rain! First stop on the map: Coach!! My highly anticipated and beloved haven of joy: Juicy Couture!!

We spent 4 hours shopping Friday night, only stopping for a quick Subway sandwich dinner. Girls gotta re-fuel sometime!

Did I mention yet that our girls weekend happened to fall during the Half-Yearly Sale event at Nordstrom's? (Cue choir of singing angels)

Oh yes, the Mother Ship was calling us home .......

Five glorious levels of pure shopping heaven!! Seattle has the absolute largest Nordstrom store known to mankind, and we girls spent the entire day shopping until our little hearts were content!! Seriously ... HOURS were well spent trying on shoes and clothes, and watches, necklaces, scarves! We probably spent an hour alone just in the kids department! We had shopping bags hanging off the strollers and even had to check some with the concierge!! Yes, this Nordstrom's has a concierge and a full spa on the 6th level!!!

The Baker Girls

Seattle was good to us ... we had beautiful weather on Saturday and Sunday, we enjoyed Starbucks and Pike's Market, delicious food, and lots of laughter!! We've even decided to plan again for next year!! Wanna join us? :o)

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Jackie said...

SOOOO much fun! I hope next year is just as good and even better. Thanks for helping organize such a fun trip!

Ang said...

Wow, I'm a bit green with envy! ;)

Looks like a fabulous getaway, count me in for next years trip, lol!

Betsy said...

I just shed a small tear when I saw the Burberry outlet sign. :( I have to make it there one day. :)

andrea said...

That sounds like a fabulous weekend!! I am a bit jealous :)

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

All fixed!

:) Clemsongirl

Elizabeth said...

Hi April! I'm your swap partner! So excited...shoot me an email at and we'll communicate there! Looking forward to it! ~E

Timi said...

WOW! What a great weekend! I'm so happy that you girls had a good time in Seattle.
I miss those kind of girl weekends downtown. Your post makes me think I need to get a little something together for the girls.
You were right in my backyard.

Emily said...

Looks like a blast!
I'm glad you got a chance to get away.

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