Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reviews and Giveaways Ahead

I have been given several opportunities recently for product reviews and have been working on some fabulous giveaways! I can't wait to share with all my fabulous followers!
Looking for twin beds? One of the companies I am in contact with is CSN Stores. I am sure you have all heard of them here in the blog world, right? Over 200 stores all in one place, offering everything from home goods to furniture, baby and kids products to shoes and purses ... all at incredible prices! Pet supplies, housewares, health and fitness ... and so much more!
Stay tuned!!

3 shout-outs!:

Farah said...

Hey hun saw your comment on my blog im heading to Vancouver and seattle are you close?? lets meet

Shelley said...

I'm excited for the giveaways!

sprinkles said...

Seems like eeevvveeerrryyyooonnneee is doing reviews and giveaways for CSN. How do I get in on this action? I'm presuming if you're doing a giveaway that they must give you something in return.

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