Sunday, March 1, 2009

Latest cravings ...

... and no, I am not preggo! This has been my favorite lunch the last few days: 2 hard-boiled eggs, chopped ham, and peas. Don't knock it 'til you try it! I have also been drinking only green tea and water - oh yeah!
I have hit the dreaded time in my life (that I was hoping would NEVER come) where my metabolism is slowing. I can no longer skip a meal or two, and wake up the next day with a couple pounds missing. Sigh. Turning 28 is apparently my cue to start hitting the gym on a regular basis, instead of the 'once every couple months when I feel motivated' routine that I have been in the last year. I am not gonna lie - I am slightly depressed with this new dose of reality! Second guessing what I eat, and fighting late night cravings is a bitch (pardon the french, the description is accurate), but I'll adjust. I'll have to find some sort of enjoyment in working out - any suggestions??? - and cut out all the crap I have been eating. No more Krispy Kremes, pecan-praline ice cream (it's rare that I eat ice cream, but when I find a flavor I love ... oy!!), and frozen Totinos pizzas (don't judge - my boys love them, too!).
So, here's to a healthier, fitter, leaner lifestyle ... ugh!

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Ang said...

I hear ya girlie! Wah! ;)

We started the Wii Fit and are loving it! Definitely helps when we can't afford the gym, and it is actually tons of fun!

GL hon!

Anniebanannie said...

Tell me about it! I'm approaching the big 3-0 SOON and it's just getting worse and worse. Why does this have to happen??!!! BOO!

B, A, H & C said...

good for you! i know i cant even look at the tasty treats without gaining 2-3 lbs...honestly. i have always had the problem but hitting 30 did not help. i am liking walking and doing my jillian michaels 30 day shred...she kicks butt!

Erik and Mary said...

If you can join a Zumba class it's a fun fast hour workout. You'll forgetting you even were doing it for exercise! But you will be more tired come the end of the day!!!
I mix up my days at the gym. Weights on Tuesday & Thursdays (for an hour)

Cardio 4 other days Usually M,W,F,S
With Cardio I like to start with the elipitical for 40 minutes, then run for 10 minutes then stair climber (not the master, the actual climber) for 10 minutes. I leave feeling as if I have been busy. That way I don't get bored on one machine and the mix up allows your budy to keep up with you and burn more calories.

Now, I need to keep up with my gym routine while eating extra good!!! ;-) It's so hard to eat extra good in the winter. Arghhh can't wait for better weather! Hope I gave you a few good ideas.

Jen said...

I am so with you on this one, getting older totally sucks! I will hit 30 this year and its all just down hill from there. right!?!

Dana said...

I am with ya on this. I have felt a major change within this last year. I am thinking I need to do a little more then my cardio and small weights but just am not motivated enough to hit the gym.

And by the way there is nothing wrong with totinos pizzas! Well except that they aren't exactly healthy :)

More, More, More said...

that looks like my kind of lunch!

Jodee said...

I know what you are talkin bout! I just wish I never would of complained about being fat in HS or in my early 20's.....I should of just saved it for my 30's!!!! Have fun eating healthy!!!

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