Friday, September 12, 2008

Bet you've never done this before ...

So I was driving home last night, boys sleeping in the backseat, and an oncoming driver flashes his brights at me - why? I have no idea. My high beams were not on and I wasn't speeding ... maybe it was simply an accident. Anyways, as I get flashed, something hits my front windshield on the passenger side. I thought to myself, "That was a huge bug!" I glanced over and noticed that this huge bug was stuck in the windshield wiper, and it's wing was flapping in the wind. Gross! I was just about ready to turn the wipers on to release the dead insect when a street light illuminated the Tahoe. OMG! I did not hit a bug ... I hit a bird! Wait a minute - birds don't fly at night! (Do you like the thoughts running in my head?) I drove under the next street light and saw the creature - A BAT!!! I HIT A BAT!!! And it was stuck on my car!!!!

Freaking out (but remaining in full control of the car - ha, ha), I called my hubby to explain to him that he had the manly duty of taking care of the removal when I got home. And of course, he did (I love my man - he takes care of everything!!). He did think it was funny though that I had to take pictures so I could blog about my rare incident.

As much as seeing a dead bat up close and personal creeped me out, I was sad for a moment. This poor little thing was just minding his business when he was blinded by some bright lights and flew his little self right into his death. I don't think he suffered, but I am sure his bat buddies are wondering what happened to him. LOL!

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Jackie said...

OH GROSS! Makes me sick, because I don't like bats and they creep me out. I haven't had a bat fly into my windshield yet (knock on wood) but I've driven through a swarm of bees on the highway and that was really odd and gross to clean off the car. LOL!!!

Erik and Mary said...


Ang said...

ewwww and ah poor thing:( lol!

Betsy said...

What??? You have some bad bat karma or something.

"Bat Woman" in the "Bat Mobile". :)
It's bird, it's a plane, it's a big Tahoe ramming unsuspecting bats dead out of the sky!!

I crack myself up!!!Ha Ha!

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