Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Momnesia ... an actual diagnosis of sorts. Hormone levels in new moms that can cause forgetfulness and disorientation. A mental fuzziness with lapses in memory.
The suggested treatment: get plenty of sleep, exercise, write down lists, and keep a day planner.

I am no longer a new mom. I have two boys, ages 4 1/2 years and 23 months old. Before kids, I had a stellar memory - phone numbers, account numbers, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, events, etc ... You name it, I knew it. I didn't have to keep a calender, everything was in my head. Jump ahead to present day, and I can't even remember what I did yesterday without taking time to really think about it. I always forget to get things at the grocery store, and sometimes will have to go back 3 times in order to get what I needed. More seriously, I have even started forgetting to pay bills! I'll be in the middle of conversations and forget what I was talking about. If I don't have it written down, I'll forget all about it. Arrggg!!

I can't stand this handicap I have developed and it has actually gotten worse the older my kids have gotten. It drives me crazy! I am thankful the symptoms are only minor in my case. I have heard of moms leaving their kids places and not remembering where, or forgetting to pick them up. In those cases, I think their heads need to be examined further for a possible brain tumor!
In any case, this mental issue is so frustrating! Anyone have any ideas to help me regain my brain power? I am working on my sleeping habits, and I have a calender that I try to remember to fill in (ha!). Any and all suggestions are welcome ... help me out girls!!

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Timi said...

Your not crazy! It happens to all of us. I have the same thing going on and I have NO kids. I spent 20 minutes one day looking for butter that I "thought" I took out of the freezer. Went back and forth to the fridge and freezer looking for it. Then decided that maybe I was out of butter that's why it wasn't out. About a half hour later (after spending 20 minutes looking for it) I found it in the bathroom! Guess I stopped on my way from the freezer to the kitchen!
Your not alone!

Betsy said...

I hear that!! I lost my brain when I got pregnant, and it NEVER came back! Whoever says that it does... LIED!! I sometimes think that all of the useful things that I used to use my brain for has now been replaced with dumb little things like... What do I need from the store?, Don't forget the dentist on Thursday, Pick up soccer cleats, don't forget to wash the dark load before bed, call back the voicemails, blah blah blah...

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