Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So sorry we bothered you!

This morning I met up with a couple of my friends for breakfast after I dropped Maddox off at preschool. We went to a local family restaurant and we had two little ones under age 2 (my little man and little Miss Sara). Within the first 20 minutes that we were there, a tall guy, long blonde hair, in his mid-late thirties I would say, was seated in the booth behind our table. He seemed to stare at us girls as he was being ushered to his table, but I figured he was just admiring our cute selves. A few minutes after he received his drinks, I see him lean over and stare at me. I ignored him, of course. What a weirdo.
Anyways, within minutes, this guy got up from the booth, looked over our way again, grabbed his drinks and table settings and moved to the next table away from us. Apparently, he was annoyed by our little ones (who, by the way, were being so patient waiting for their breakfasts!!).
Okay, now I completely understand that not everyone (especially guys), are into children. But hello! We are in a family restaurant - one that I visit on a weekly basis - and our kids were being pretty darn good! So whatever - he needed to move away from us. No big deal, right? Sure, until he then picked up all his stuff one more time (when his leggy blonde friend in high heels and short skirt showed up) and moved to the farthest possible table away from us. Even his waitresses (yes, plural due to changing sections 3 times!!) looked annoyed!
I didn't take an offense ... we were probably just interfering with his macking skills and hook-up potential. So sorry we bothered you, dude!

3 shout-outs!:

Betsy said...

How dare us interupt his "date" at Shari's at 10am. Jerk! God blesses people like that with triplets!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaa...Betsy you crack me up. Too bad our kids were cuter than him and his long legged blonde. You know now that I think of it what type of woman wears a short skirt and heels that early in the morning for breakfast...hmmmm!

Emily said...

Oh Barf.

That would just make me laugh, or openly make fun of him...or both.

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