Friday, September 26, 2008

Couldn't help myself ...

The next book in my reading adventure was Through The Storm, by Lynne Spears. Yep, Britney's mom. I didn't even know she was having a book come out until I saw it displayed at Barnes and Noble. Now, if you are looking for the dirt and gossip on her famous daughters, this is not the book to read. Through The Storm is a mother's account of her famous family and where they came from. The ups, the downs, the good times and the bad.
I have always been a fan of Britney Spears - really! I know she went a little crazy (well, a lot!) and some of her mothering skills have absolutely sucked (but hey - she's human!!), but I really feel for this girl. It saddened me to see her in so much pain and unfortunately, it was displayed for the whole world to gawk at.
I will admit, as an avid celebrity gossip reader, I have shamed Britney and her family for all that they have been through in the public eye. But, I always hoped for the best possible outcome for Britney. No one can deny that the girl is talented. Her last album is even downloaded into my hubby's ipod (sorry to out you, babe!), and after reading this book, you get a whole new perspective as to why this family has been through so much. Lynne Spears does not try to sugar-coat all the drama and issues with her family. She simply tells their side of the story, the side that tabloids do not report on. The behind-the-scenes reasons as to why Britney had a nervous breakdown, how Jamie Lynne became a teenage mother, and the heartaches they have been through as a family.
I am not saying that this book makes the Spears family look like saints and that they just get a bad rap, but it definitely gives a new insight into the world of this most-talked about celebrity family.

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