Friday, October 24, 2008

Aww Man!

Sometimes planning ahead doesn't actually work in your favor.

I decided today to get the boys in their costumes for some fun pictures outside. I got Maddox's costume online a few months ago. He has been into Tom and Jerry for a little while, so I found a Tom suit and searched eBay for a stuffed Jerry to attach (they don't come together in one costume). When Tom arrived, he just fit. My gut said to return it for the next size up, but I figured my little man wasn't going to grow that much within a few months. Ha! We now have to scrunch up the pant legs to his knees to prevent the high-water look, and the poor kid can't wear any clothes under his costume, as the suit already rides up under his crotch! Quite a funny sight, but so sad. Maddox is a trooper though - he smiles and just tells me how much he loves it, and he was highly impressed with my sewing skills in attaching Jerry to his shoulder.

As for Sean ... he loves turtles. Last year, he loved giraffes and made a very cute one
for Halloween. About 6 months ago, he became fond of turtles. When we were on our vacation last month, I got him a little stuffed turtle, who Sean affectionately named Turtle Pie. So what better costume for Sean this year than an adorable little turtle. I found his suit at Children's Place and he loves dancing around in it!
So the moral of my story ... buy your costumes in a store where exchanges can be made quickly and easily. And if buying months in advance, thinking you are getting ahead of the game, be sure to buy a size
up, so your kiddo doesn't look like a ragamuffin!


Ang said...

Turtle Pie?? Oh goodness, that is adorable! Very creative on sewing Jerry to Tom - did you come up with that idea on your own?

Sadly I think my chunky monkey Luke will be a tight squeeze in his Sweet Pea costume :( I just may try to find a Yoda costume so he coordinates with "Danny Vador" :) We shall see.

Great photos btw! Thanks for sharing!

Dana said...

Aww your boys are absolutely adorable! Love the costumes, so very cute!

Emily said...

That stinks about Maddox's costume.
What a sweet kiddo.

Wyatt and Sean will both be turtles.
I love Sean's...the face is super cute.

Sean Mclauchlin said...

Great pictures! we miss you guys and wish we could have spent more time with you in Portland

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