Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where there's a will ...

... I will find a way!! I didn't have the heart to send Maddox to his preschool Halloween party in a costume that didn't fit him. I offered to get him a new costume at the store, but he insisted that he wear his Tom & Jerry costume. He is very proud of his pick this year, so I wanted to make sure he got the most out of it.
If you remember from my previous post, Maddox outgrew the bottom half of his costume (I bought it online a few months back). The pant legs were way too short, and the suit hugged in the crotch area. Very uncomfortable looking! He wouldn't have been able to wear anything under his costume, so layering for trick-or-treating was out of the question.
Looking for a fix, I decided to cut off the bottom half and make the suit a hoodie. I pulled out the sewing machine and finished the hem. Now my little man can rock his costume and stay warm in sweatpants that actually fit! A challenging costume this has become (attaching Jerry and alterations), but anything for my little man!!

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