Friday, October 10, 2008


A very special thank you to all my wonderful friends who came over today to celebrate my little guy's 2nd birthday!! It was such a fun afternoon, and Sean loved all the extra attention!! His actual birthday is next Friday, but today was a no-school day, so we thought it would be great to get all the kids together.
My house cleaning was a success last night and I was thrilled to have prepared all the food, including the 2 dozen cupcakes baked and frosted, by bedtime! Another YAY! for me.

3 shout-outs!:

WSU Laura said...

Great job on the cupcakes, and on top of cleaning...WOW! Happy Birthday to your little guy! Have a good weekend.

Emily said...

April, thanks for the fun afternoon yesterday! You are such a fabulous hostess.
And your baseboards were pristine :)
I checked.
Just kidding. I didn't I promise.

Timi said...

I love cupcakes! Any shape or form. :-)
I just had to say.........GO DUCK! We are in Eugene this weekend. It's been an experience being surrounded by Duck Fans this weekend.

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