Thursday, October 9, 2008

What am I up to on this Thursday night?

Cleaning House!!! I am having a playdate birthday party tomorrow for my soon-to-be 2 year old, so I am hustling trying to get my house spic and span!! Like most, I have a very critical eye when it comes to entertaining at our house. I usually always have the house picked up, but when an event comes up, I am almost to the point of re-painting dirty walls! Too bad that would be such a big project, or it would happen quite frequently around here. Scrubbing the handprints and washing down the woodwork will just have to do for tonight ... I'll leave the painting for another day!
On a funner note, I got my hair done yesterday!! Isn't it great getting a fresh new look? I basically just had it dyed and trimmed, but I only do this twice a year, so YAY for me!!
Hope everyone has a great night ... what are you doing?

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