Monday, January 12, 2009 we come!

After a very looong weekend of packing and moving and unpacking and blah, blah, blah ... I am so excited to be getting up in just 3 lovely hours to head to the airport! Yes, I will be waking the boys up at 4am, dress them in their shorts and crocs, and head out of rainy and cold Portland to beautiful 80 degree weather in sunny Cabo San Lucas with my family! Aaahh ... relaxation!! We'll be gone a week, and I will try to update from my cabana (we'll see what kind of wi-fi we can find). Ha, ha!

I am feeling much better and finally kicked the annoying cough! My hubby looks like he got ran over by a bus, then hit by a train, so I know he will be enjoying this next week. Papa and Nana are taking us to their gorgeous timeshare, and I know we will all have a great time! I hope everyone has a great week ... leaving you with a couple pictures to drool over ... xoxo!!

3 shout-outs!:

Judy said...

Have a great trip! Can't wait to see your pictures. Love you!

Betsy said...

Ughhh... I am SO jealous! Bedrest would be much more fun from a lounge chair on the beach or by the pool! See you when you get home! You'll be missed Friend!

Timi said...

Have a wonderful well deserved trip! Can't wait to see pictures.

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