Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catching Up

Sea of Cortez

Little Amigos

Yep - his latest tattoo is of me (from our wedding day)!!

x o x o
Had to post my hottie hubby

Sunset in Mexico

Pueblo Bonito Rose

Our resort
Pueblo Bonito at Sunset Beach

Sorry for the delay in updates ... getting home, and back to everyday life non-Mexico time has been a little crazy. Plus, minor, but completely frustrating internet issues has put a wrench in blogging. Comcast - if you are listening, this is not normal internet connection!!! Quit blaming websites and fix the issue!!
Okay - so Cabo was amazing!! Waking up every morning to warm sunshine is heaven! I am really glad to be back in the good old USA though. It's home. Our trip was a lot of fun and we did a whole lot of nothing! Relaxing, taking it easy - no stress or worries. The boys loved all the pool time, and just being outside really. The food was amazing, and it was just nice to not have to be doing something or having to be somewhere. I tried to work on a tan, but I am not willing to get cancer, so I 'tanned' with SPF 50 sunblock. Ha, ha! Not much color, a faint tan line, but oh well. Maybe I'll hit up the spray tanning place and hope I don't turn orange! Hee, hee. Here are a few pictures from our trip ... uploading pictures is a joke right now (only I am NOT laughing) with the wireless issues Comcast says doesn't exist, but I finally got some loaded on our family site and my facebook (if you don't have an account on facebook, you won't be able to view them there - so go sign up! It's free and fun and not like myspace!!). Hope everyone is having a great week!!


Emily said...

Looks wonderful!
I want to see some pics of that Marlin. :)

Unknown said...

Do you think that the guys remembered to take a camera with them? Ha! Nope! Tim did get a video of it and I think the couple they went with snapped some pictures they are going to email. I'll add them when we get them!

Jodee said...

I had trouble with blogger last night too- It wouldnt let me make any comments...I was fumming!

Pictures look so nice! I can't believe you are an SPFer....Gosh I thought for sure you was really tanning it up! Listen to the ole Cancer Registrar trying to push the sun and all of its wonderfulness! HAHA Least you got some color!

I loved your family site- I didnt know you had that- Your boys are so cute- Little Sean looks just like you, but with blonde hair. Maddox is adorable too- he favors you some too! I had to watch some videos and my favorite was the pop rocks! Sean was like NOOOOOOO I dont like those! Least they both tried them- Mine would look at it and say - I dont like that kind of candy!


WSU Laura said...

Oh it looks so beautiful and warm. What fun! Your boys are adorable and I cannot get over what a great job they did on that tattoo. Welcome back!

Jodee said...

love your new background, I had it the other day....I bought my first one from LeeLou today!

Multislacking Mama said...

Oh, so nice! I'm glad you enjoyed. What a perfect time of year to escape to Mexico.

Too bad the MML Koozie wasn't ready to make the journey with.

Dana said...

What a beautiful place! Looks like you guys had a great time enjoying all that sun!

Sassy Cass said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I am officially jelaous. That trip looks and sounds fab. Off to make faux travel arrangements for our next vacation!

Anniebanannie said...

Awww...I can sense a little of the relaxation that was had. I am in need of SOMETHING. A beach, some sun, and a nice beverage would be of choice. Thanks for sharing a little piece of heaven.

Anonymous said...

so glad you had fun, love the pics and your family is too cute!

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