Sunday, January 4, 2009

Driving along in my automobile ...

It snowed again tonight. The weatherman didn't warn us of the 2 inches we were getting. Maybe he didn't see it coming. Anyways, we were out driving the Tahoe today. I love my car. It has all the room I need for me and the boys and all our stuff. We got it back in June after I totalled the minivan (no one was hurt), and we got an incredible deal on it through a seller on eBay. A 2007 Tahoe, almost all options (no heated seats or sunroof), only 5,000 miles with the original 30K mile warranty, darker gray color (hubby is big on car colors), and such a great driving vehicle. Except in snow or ice. The Tahoe is only 2 wheel drive. I know what you are thinking ... who buys an SUV without 4wd? I do, because if road conditions required 4 wheel drive, then I would not be driving! And here in our part of Oregon, we would usually only need 4wd a couple days a year, and that is what the Hummer is for. Plus, for under $23k, who's being picky?
So, back to tonight .... we were driving home in about an inch of snow and ice, came around the corner in our neighborhood and proceeded up a small incline to reach our driveway. And the Tahoe stops, wheels spinning. Traction control light goes on, and the car all but shuts down. Tim puts it in reverse, hoping to gain some momentum, and tries again to get up this small hill. No luck. We try again, and again, and one more time. We then back track around the corner, and try one more time to pick up some rpm's to make it to our driveway .... come around the corner and spin 90 degrees. With neighbors now watching out their windows and on their front porches, my embarrassed hubby tries one last attempt and pulls closer to the curb (if we fail this one, at least it will look like we are just parking the car). Sure enough, we gain more traction and rev it up down our driveway (we live off of a private drive). Oy!
We can only imagine and laugh to ourselves what the neighbors were thinking as we are driving a big Chevy Tahoe that can't make it in an inch of snow. Hee, hee. Oh well.

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Jodee said...

okay, thanks for the laugh thru the internet too! I bet your poor hubs was totally embarrased! What did the neighbors have to come out for- it wasn't like you was hanging out the window- yelling HELP! Non the less- I would of been the neighbor who would peek out the window- no way I would of come out on the front porch to laugh at you guys! It is all the stupid weatherman's fault!

Emily said...

Ha ha...that's pretty funny April.
I'd like to see the video of that...if there was one!

Elizabeth said...

Too funny!!!

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