Monday, February 16, 2009

Even more complicated (edited)

A Warning To Any and All Starbucks Baristas Who May Assist Me:

Due to the menu changes throughout each Starbucks this year, my order has gotten a little bit more complicated. I know. As if it wasn't already complicated enough - but you guys changed it up and I have had to adjust.
My previous order of a Grande, non-fat, Green Tea Latte, no melon, 6 scoops matcha, add energy, add protein, 110 degrees, has been updated to the following:

Grande, non-fat, Green Tea Latte, no classic, 6 scoops matcha, add energy, add protein, 1/2 hot water, 1/2 milk, no specific temp.

And by the way, I am a Starbucks Gold member and get the 10% discount.

Thank you.

Oh you should see the looks I get when ordering! I try to be as sweet as possible and laugh it off as I order my high maintenance drink. I get eye rolls from fellow customers, and big sighs from over-worked employees, but hey! A girl knows what she wants! And it has taken me a long time to perfect my little cup-o-joy. Don't hate.
**Edit: Okay girls ... gotta get something straight! I am not high maintenance, just the drink is! Ha, ha!! That is probably the only thing about me that is high maintenance - I promise!!** LOL!!

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Anniebanannie said...

Oh lost me. I get intimidated by people like you! I'm always nervous to order when I go to Bucks, but always seem to get what I want!!!

How long did it take you to perfect this order?!!!

Jen said...

Well, at least you know that you are high maintenance. ;)

Sassy Cass said...

I've always wanted to go in and spout off a complicated order, but I can't even keep it straight myself...

Emily said...

April...this makes me smile.
(I seem to remember a previous post where you claimed to NOT be high maintenance)
(I hope you can see my kidding spirit here)

April said...

Okay girls ... gotta get something straight! I am not high maintenance, just the drink is! LOL! That is probably the only thing about me that is high maintenance - I promise!!

Jodee said...

You know I thought about getting your tea there, but I thought when you gave your order- that is how everyone ordered it- Now I have changed my mind, I dont want them spitting in it! I thought that is how everyone ordered from there! LOL

OH- comment on your comment- the only high maintenance? what is up with the juicy in the previous post? What about the purse? Oh and then the shoe you posted on above? more thing....The Ugg boots???? Are you sure you are only high maintenance on the drink?! LOL u are so funny! It is okay to be in denial:) I tend to be in denial on alot of things!!!

I really am going to try that tea sometime- I just have to go thru the drive thru- so I can act like I have been there 100 times-as I read it off a card! I dont want to be embarrassed!

April said...

Okay Miss Jodee ... trying to call me out! LOL!
Most of the designer stuff I get, I will buy at outlets or on sale. I hardly ever pay full for designer brands (of course there are rare occassions). I usually never pay more than $20 for tops, and Target is one of my fave stores! Outside of clothes, I buy my hair color in a box, make-up at Walmart, and prefer Taco Bell over any high-priced, fancy restaurant! Give a girl a break! Ha, ha!!
I am loving all the comments - you girls are awesome!! :o) xoxo

Jodee said...

okay- I will let you off the hook this time!!! It is so funny though, u listing that long order for your bucks! But I am glad you do...since I can just copy that and go thru the line and say it like I am high maintenance! I am such a wanna b!

Emily said...

Ok, this string of comments has me lauging out loud (quietly cuz Wyatt's napping)!
Hilarious, thanks for the smiles today April!

Emily said...

Ok April...check my blog!!!


Anniebanannie said...

OMG...just stopping in and this is HILARIOUS! Poor innocent you just trying to make conversation about your preferred drink and MAN...So funny!

adlibby said...

so that was YOU! I can't live without my venti mocha, so I totally get it.

Jenn said...

I am actually obsessed with their Strawberries & Creme Blended Frappuccinos! So I'd use my gift card for those. Yum!

Jenn said...

Also I shouted out via Facebook (see my profile) :)

Thanks April!!

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