Monday, February 2, 2009


I love being tan ... I have a light olive skin naturally, but I still look pale and washed out in the winter. So you would think that vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, I would have come back with a delicious bronzing. Nope. I am not about to get cancer, so I 'tanned' with SPF 50. No joke. I did get some color - I had slight tan lines, but definitely not enough to convince anyone I had just gotten back from Mexico.
Tim and I had a big wedding event we attended this last weekend, and of course, I wanted to look my best all dressed up. So, after much deliberation, I decided to go get a spray tan. I was so worried I was going to turn orange, but was assured that I wouldn't.
I went to the local Suns Up Tanning Center (after a major exfoliation and shaving session in the shower) and learned the run-down as to what I was about to partake in. The cute little 17 year old tanning 'specialist' showed me all the moves I would be doing in this alien shower stall looking contraption, and all I could do was laugh thinking about the episode of Friends where Ross goes spray tanning.
All in all, everything went well. I did not turn orange, although I was a little concerned with my color within the first 24 hours, as you aren't supposed to shower. After I washed away the lingering solution, my faux tan looked very natural! I received a few compliments, too! For $30, it was worth the extra boost of confidence, but I am not sold on spray tanning on a regular basis. The color last about 5 days, and fades naturally, and I will definitly consider it again when need be, but for the most part, it still feels fake to me. I am just so thankful I didn't end up like Ross.


3 shout-outs!:

Jodee said...

You know, when I seen those pictures of you, I thought you know she wasn't lilly white- she must of got a nice something while in Cabo cause you didnt look pasty! So the spray tan did good! Glad it didnt turn out like Ross!!!! you know you liked that 17 year old specialist- you know those young girls are the best!

Sassy Cass said...

OMG- My favorite Friends episode evah! The orange tan paired with the bleached pearly whites sends me into hilarium every time! You look great girl!

B, A, H & C said...

ok, i did this for new years and i did turn first. i am so white so the 'tan' made me look like an ompalompa :). but...after showering about eight hours later (i was scared i would get more orange) i liked it. just like you not $30 worth all the time for occasions it works. you looked great!

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