Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Get your snack on ...

Hot dog bun, hold the dog, please. Yes, really. I love hot dog buns with a little bit o' ketchup and mustard. That's it, no hot dog, just the bread.

Popcorn with parmesan cheese, Sour Straws and chocolate milk ... the absolute perfect salty-sweet combo. Anytime, anywhere, l.o.v.e.

What's your favorite snacks?

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poopsie said...

you crack me up with your hold the dog...ha ha! :) my fave snacks are:
peanut butter toast
any candy...sour the better :)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Eww, Eww.. LOL!!
I'm a chips & tip kinda gal. I also love the snack aisle, little Debbie, Hostess, etc.

Elle Sees said...

random--i posted once about hot dog chips..they really tasted like it
--i use my hot dog buns to make breadsticks. also posted.

Annie said...

i'll eat the hotdog for your bun, haha! i love hotdogs! ;)
and when it comes to junk food any of it pleases me! chips, candy, chocolate....although i'm trying to eat better so this stuff is not welcome in my home right now!
i recently bought gummy bears as a gift for someone and i had no self control and ate the entire bag.

Yankee Wife said...

Chocolate chips from Trader Joes (there's only a like 4 ingredients or something) they taste completely different than Nestle...odd I know ;) I also am completely in love with the puffed corn from TJ's. It's a cross between chips and popcorn...so yummy. Lovin' cheddar popcorn too. And of course Iced Chocolate. Not hot chocolate...ICED. Which might explain the crushed iced addiction too. Of course this could all be pregnancy related too...ha ha ha ;)

Dana said...

I am not sure now is a good time to answer this with my prego cravings?! LOL And your list just made me hungry all over again!

I love cheddar cheese popcorn, Sour Cream and Onion Chips, beef jerky, any chocolate especially with caramel. And in the summer I love some good ole regular chocolate ice cream. Oh and I am severly addicted to Mike & Ikes Berry Blast candies!!

sprinkles said...

I wanna try those straws sometime. I've seen them in the candy aisle but have yet to buy them.

I love, love, love Reece's peanut butter cups and frosting on crackers.

Candice said...

I am all about chips and candy... I have serious love for any kind of potato chips and I really love super sugary candy (jelly beans, gummy bears, licorice etc.)!

contests and such said...

Add a little pepper to that popcorn w/parm and it's my fav :)

hotpants™ said...

I'm with PLA. I'm a chips and dip girl. Hold the hot dog? You're hilarious.

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