Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whatchya' Reading ?

New year ... new blogs! Hey girls - I am looking for new blogs to stalk love and wanna know which ones you fancy! And, for any followers o'mine that have never commented, let me know you are here so I can come take a peek at your page!
Lots of love!!

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lil desiqua said...

Hi! I don't think I've posted on your blog before...I'm more of a silent follower, but I really enjoy your blog!!

Since you're looking for new reading material, 2 of my faves are

And I love new visitors too!

Happy reading!!

Emily said...

I love The Meanest Mom
She is hilarious...I have been sitting in a quiet house all by myself and been known to burst out LOLing FOR REALS!

Candice said...

I am a big fan of Handbags & Handguns and Stacey Snacks, every recipe I have tried has been amazing!

I also just checked out The Meanest Mom (listed above) and am thinking I might need to get my laugh on there too!

Suzanne said...

I am a follower of yours, but don't know if you follow me...check out my sidebar for more blogs too!

Elle Sees said...

i'm not reading nothing! yikes! well, just getting caught up on mags. and usually i am constantly reading.

sprinkles said...

lil desiqua mentioned Hyperbole and a Half. That's a friggin' hilarious blog!

I've been enjoying these a lot lately:

While We're Waiting:

No Missed Opportunities:

Bits of Truth...all quotes:

And what have you been reading?

The Springer's said...


hotpants™ said...

Makay said...

You can come visit me over at So Far So Great... :)

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