Saturday, May 8, 2010

... Music Mondays ...

I am starting a new blog series ... Music Mondays! I haven't seen any other bloggers doing this yet, so if Music Mondays already exist somewhere, I ain't tryin' to steal anyone's thunder.
Music is a very important component in my life. It helps me relax, unwind, and always puts a smile on my face. I will bust out to my favorite tunes just about anywhere I go, and music makes any day brighter!
So each Monday I will be posting my favorite artist of the moment. Wanna join me in Music Mondays? Designate your Monday posts for your favorite artists and add this little button o'mine at the bottom of each post to show peeps you are participating! I can't wait to see who's making you dance!!

2 shout-outs!:

Shanna said...

I look forward to it and I will join in with you :)

sprinkles said...

Oh, this sounds fun! I'm not computer savvy enough to figure out how to embed a video though so I won't be joining. I look forward to seeing/hearing your picks! Hopefully you won't do too many country music artists. I am sooooooooooooooo not into country music!!!!!!

One of the blogs I follow does a Flashback Friday where she posts videos of songs she likes from the past.

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