Monday, January 4, 2010

Off to a new start!

Happy 2010!! I am still not quite sure where 2009 went, but yay for the new year!! I took the last few days off of blogging to enjoy family time, catch up on blog reading, and reflect on the goals I want to achieve this year. Oh yes. I am one who makes those lovely resolutions. They usually don't make it as far as February, but I still like to get excited about starting something new. So here are my official New Year Resolutions ...
This one is on most people's lists ... work out more/lose weight/get in shape. This is going to be a priority of mine until I get bored with it (which will hopefully be longer than 2 weeks). I have consumed so much food this last month that I could possibly pop, so dropping a few pounds is necessary. Plus, I want a new swimsuit this year and wanna look fabulous in it.

Along with the weight loss plan, comes a new diet plan. I am back on my 'No Pop' kick (for all you non-Oregonians, pop = soda). I went a year and a half without the stuff, fell off the wagon this last summer, and am jumping back on board. I am also blaming my extra lbs. on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. So, I will be easing up on the vodka for a while. Until I can figure out how many calories are in the flavored varieties (why is there no nutritional info listed on the bottles?), I am on a break.

Lunesta and I are going to be best friends for a while. I need to get more sleep. Insomnia is so last year.

Cash only for this chica ... no more using my debit card for random purchases. Those small amounts add up quick, so I am hiding the convenient plastic card and thinking twice before I spend. I have already been on a no shopping binge (for almost 2 months now!), but holiday gift card shopping was so. much. fun! I need to keep myself in check.
I am a Christian girl. I don't preach. I don't judge. But I do love the Lord and I need to spend more time showing it. Daily devotions are going to be made a priority. My hubby helped me find a new Bible that is geared more for busy moms (that's me!), and I am excited to dive into it!

I also have a few blogging goals. I wanna do a product review once a week, a giveaway once a month, and even join a few of my fave girlies in Fashion Fridays (if you haven't check out Summer's blog yet, then you are missing out)!! I am not trying to get all structured here ... that's just not my bloggy style, but I wanna add some new elements. Anyone have any ideas as to what you wanna see more of here on I heart my friends and followers, I adore all the comments, and this blog o'mine has been so much fun!!
So there you have it, peeps ... my goals for 2010! Nothing too major or stressful. I wanna have another great year full of friends, family, and fun. I want to try to stay drama-free and try to always see the positive in every situation life throws at me. My hubby is awesome at keeping me grounded and in-check with my attitudes and outlooks. He helps me weed out the negativity, which this stubborn Italian girl tends to hang on to sometimes. So I am raising my glass of water (remember? no pop!) and toasting to an awesome new year!!

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Natalie said...

Your list looks quite similiar to mine. I ate enough food the past month to feed a small country. I just hope I can stick with it & not get bored (like always..)

Good luck & Happy New Year!

RW @ TrueBeauty said...

Great Resolutions!!! I always make them too, and like you, they last until mid Feb and then poof their gone :) I am determined to stick to mine this year, so let's keep each other in check!

Summer said...

so with you on those goals! We started using cash only a few months ago, and it has worked wonders!!! We are saving so much more money!!!

I decided to only have soda for special occasions...instead of two a day. =)

I'm also contemplating cutting back on sugar....but that just seems extreme. lol

Can't wait to see your Fashion Fridays!!

Yankee Wife said...

Good list. Pace yourself, and give me a call if you feel like you might wanna quit. Because I quit at some point in every workout class. But then the instructor calls me out and I begin again. It's great motivation. HA HA!

mrs.mfc said...

Great list!! Hope your 2010 is off to a fabulous start!!

sprinkles said...

Great list and I wish you lots of luck!

Since I don't have a job and can't even get an interview, I don't have to worry about losing weight. I can't afford food so I've lost from not eating.

I used to drink like 6 pops a day and it killed me but I managed to finally cut down to one a day on the weekends.

Hope the cash thing works for you cuz it didn't work so well for me. I totally thought that it would but if I see cash in my wallet, I think I have to spend it.

Looking forward to the giveaways!

Krissa said...

what a great list!!!
The soda thing is hard...I had to stop for medical reasons with a surgery I had...I am going on a year...but its all sure learn to love water...haha...
Happy 2010!!!!

Sara Christine said...

I love how one of your resolutions is to read more of the Bible. I too, will be working on that this year. More heart and head knowledge with the Lord!! What Bible did your hubby get you?

Hannah said...

I put mine up on my blog too. I likewise am interested in the Bible your hubby got you. I really think I need to listen to God's message more.

Jodee said...

Happy New Year! I found my ultimate swimsuit already, day after Christmas...when I am the FATEST! So like you....I am on the ultimate diet to look good in it...I wish my pounds were from pop drinks and the other stuff....but unfortunately it comes from FOOD ALONE! UGH....Hope you have a great year girl!

Molly said...

Fab resolutions!

I am cutting out the alcohol, too. I think it is giving me some chunk-a-monk. Its only going to be for weekends and special occasions. Hope I can stick to it. :)

So glad you are going to do some Fashion Fridays! Whoot, whoot!

A Real Housewife said...

Great goals for 2010! Happy New Year!!

April said...

Sara Christine and Hannah ... the Bible my hubby got me is so great! It has devotions planned out for as much (or as little) time you have. There is a basic one minute devotion, 5-minute, and 10-minute devotion, and it is pink and girly! :o)
It is called The NIV Bible for Busy Moms, and you can find it on Amazon for under $20!! Hubby got mine at a Christian Outlet store.

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