Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion Friday ... It's A Party!!

My youngest son, Sean, turned 5 years old on October 17th.

We celebrated with a pirate-themed party. He loves all things pirates, including Captain Jack Sparrow of The Pirates of the Caribbean.

How cute is his new rain coat and boots?? The line is by Kidorable ... coat was $25 and the boots were $23, both on sale.

He had so much fun at his party and I had fun decorating for the event! I was so excited to add in some special touches to the decorations from a cute little shop on Etsy called It's Your Party! I am aquainted with the talented and creative Meghan, as she was my oldest son's first grade teacher last year, and together we brainstormed some ideas to fit the pirate theme. We came up with cupcake toppers, an adorable banner (that Sean now has up in his bedroom), and treasure map placemats that were personalized for our party guests ... a party favor that will get used over and over!

If you are looking for amazing custom handmade party favors and decor, please check out Meghan's shop! Affordable pricing and a sweet gal to work with!

Check out It's Your Party on Etsy and on Facebook!!

Meghan also has an awesome little blog that is found in my sidebar under my favorites ... check out Teacher Without A Paddle!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Loooong week, but here is Fashion Friday for ya!

Sweater top ... Target ... love the lace backing!
Oatmeal tank top ... Target

Cute details, huh?

Jeans ... AG

Boots ... Target (and only $35!!)

Bracelet ... from my swap buddy!

Busy schedules + not enough sleep = no energy for blogging {insert sad face}

I promise to come up with some good stuff next week ... including a giveaway!!

Have a great weekend!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Talk Is Cheap

Okay girls ... I need your help!! Hubby and I have some goals we wanna reach within this next year, and that includes saving money. We have set up our family budget, and are focussed on the future. Our mindsets are on track and we are motivated to get these goals achieved! So here's where I need some input ... Our biggest expenditure is definitely on food. We have 6 people in our household and I cook meals for 12 (giving us each 2 servings). I do not buy organic, but meats and veggies are definitely a staple in our home. I try to clip coupons, but they don't seem to be taking a big enough chunk out of the grocery bill. I refuse to be a crazy woman snatching up products simply because they are free or close to it. I am practical and only want items my family uses on a daily basis. Last month, our grocery bill was close to $700, and that did not include eating out. Ouch. I try to do the small things to save a few dollars here and there ... like making my coffee at home and using travel cups when running out the door, instead of stopping at Starbucks. Good ol' Splenda and milk, or flavored creamers taste just as fine to me in my coffee than fancy syrups a barista pumped into a cup. I will also pack lunches for me and my kids when we go out with friends, trying to save a little on the McDonald's costs.
So, how do you save money for your family? What resources do you use to keep your budget on track?

Monday, October 3, 2011

So Cal ... here we come!

I am on vacation this week ... in gorgeous Palm Desert, California! We come down here every year with a timeshare our family has. We love it here!! This is the room we are staying in ... ... and the pools we will be swimming in ...

... and the drinks I will be sippin' on!! Aaah, thank goodness for vacations!!

Have a great week ... peace out, peeps!! xoxo

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