Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Obviously this show needs ratings and is pretty desperate to get them! Ugh! Really? Kate Gosselin, after 2 hideous performances, is staying another week? Yuck. Shannen wasn't the greatest either, but at least she looked like she was having a good time!
And let me stick up for my girl for a sec ... people are talkin' about how it is unfair that she is already in the dance profession. Nicole still has to learn every step and routine just like anyone else. This style of dancing is not a part of her Pussycat Dolls persona. She is phenomenal, and her partner isn't too bad himself.
If you haven't voted yet for your favorite outfit, please do so! Contest ends this evening ... I can't wait to see which outfit I will be shopping for!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eau de Party

This Saturday, I will be enjoying some of the finer things in life ... at the Nordstrom Fragrance Event. My mom-in-law and sis-in-law love attending these exclusive events each year, and I always enjoy the girls day out. The party kicks off bright and early at 8am. Fragrance samples, gifts, raffles, and shopping ... can you see me doing a little dance?
I am probably going to be adding Juicy Couture's newer fragrance Couture Couture to my collection. Believe it or not, I still don't own it. I also smelled Ed Hardy's Hearts and Daggers ... YUM! The only thing I am not impressed with Ed Hardy's scents is that they don't last long. I can get Juicy to linger longer by layering the body lotion with the perfume, but I am not a fan of the shimmer lotions that Ed Hardy offers. What is your scent of choice?
The MAC counter is always hopping at these events. I need some make-up remover wipes and just might try MAC's. Anyone have any reviews on them? I will also be playing around with the latest colors ... recommendations?? I still adore the Angel lipstick that Farah introduced on her blog. What are some other favorites from you girls?
I have also heard good things about the NARS line, but never tried it. What are some must-haves for my make-up collection?
I will also browse handbags and watches ... maybe I will snag some 'too good to pass up' deals and even find a gift or two for my upcoming giveaway event!
We have pedicures scheduled after the event, and of course, lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. I am definitely looking forward to a little girl time!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Some days I wonder to myself, "Why? Why live in such a rainy state?" Then I step outside and am reminded that despite the gloomy weather, Oregon really is beautiful. And on that note, I am so excited that spring has arrived! Random sunny days, flowers blooming, temps inching into the 60's ... yay for the days we get to wear sunglasses!
While the sunshine puts a pep in my step, so do giveaways! Announcing my next big event ... woot!! If you are interested in participating and want me to showcase your business, please contact me!! xoxo

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion Friday - Top Three!

I just couldn't do it! I loved so many outfits, that I made my hubby choose the top 3 outfits to be voted on! I must say, my man has good taste and I would let him shop for me any day!
So here they are girls ... for you all to vote on ... the top 3 finalists for the $50 gift card of choice!

Outfit A

Outfit B

Outfit C

Just leave your votes in the comments ... Voting ends on Wednesday, March 31st at 5pm pst. Thanks so much, girls!!
PS ... I'll be keeping tabs on the votes, but will be moderating comments.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cleaning Out My Closet **Updated**

If a girl's gonna shop, it would be best to do a little spring cleaning and take inventory of what she has. My shopping mojo has been down a bit this year, but I am getting excited to do some birthday shopping!
I have recently seen on some of my fave blogs, fabulous gals putting items up for sale straight outta their closets. Their gently worn, once loved clothing that doesn't seem to have space in their wardrobe any longer. What a fun idea, right? I am contemplating doing the same ... what do you girls think? Honest opinions! I know I have some uh-maze-ing clothes that I would love to pass along instead of tossing into bags for Goodwill. Shoes that may have only been worn once or twice! All at killer prices, and low shipping!

Should I open up shop here on
So many great comments that this would be a great idea, and loving PeaceLoveApplesauce's idea of creating a Sale Blog that everyone can participate in! I would totally head that project up if I get enough interest! Let me know your thoughts! Would you be a part of a Blog Sale site to sell items from your closets?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


You had her ...

What were you thinking?

The post title is appropriate.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dancing With The Stars

I am so glad I recorded this show! I was happy to be able to skip through all the lame, boring parts - ha ha! I knew there was a reason why I never watched this show, but I am going to stick it out to see how well Miss Nicole does!
Here are my brief first impressions ...

Pamela ... definition of a hot mess.
Ochocinco ... hooking up with Cheryl?
Shannen ... I love your fierce personality. Where is it?
Erin ... too cute! And thank you for using Tik Tok as your song of choice!
Jake ... I don't like your pants. That is all.
Niecy ... Shake yo' tailfeather, girl!
Kate ... was that a yoga pose?
Nicole ... GORGEOUS as always!
Anyone else watch, or skim through as I did? Ha!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh boy ... this is going to be tough!

All of the fabulous outfits have been posted! If you don't see the one(s) you submitted, PLEASE let me know! I want to make sure everyone got a chance to enter. I now have the oh-so-hard job of narrowing down my top 3 favorites. I will need a few days to debate (and to make sure all entries were received), because these are all so cute!! The finalists will be posted on Friday to be voted on! Thank you so very much for all the time spent shopping for me! Polyvore can suck you in and with the thousands of options on there, I know lots of time was spent! Love ya lots for that!! ♥

Sun & Fun

Her Name Is Nicole

I'll be watching Dancing With The Stars this season. I have never tuned in to this show, but being my girl crush will be dancing, I will be cheering for her! Check out Miss Nicole Scherzinger tonight at 8pm on abc. Who are you excited to watch?

Oh, and be sure to get your entries in for my contest to win a $50 gift card! It ends tonight at 5pm (pacific time, I am in Oregon, peeps!) and I will post all the rest of the outfits that have been submitted around 9pm for all to see. Finalists will be debuted on my Fashion Friday post this week!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Friday

Shopping on a budget is my thang this year. From $1.99 tops at Old Navy to this fabulous dress-up tank that I found on the clearance rack at Ross for $2.49! Oh yeah ... what a steal!! Wore this outfit out with the girls and rocked my Kim Kardashian shoes. The shoes were such a hit, and although not the most comfortable, I felt oh-so-sexy in them!

Le Musings of Moi

Fashion Fridays are the clever creation of Miss Summer @ Le Musings of Moi.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How is a girl suppose to choose?

I have been so excited with all the fabulous entries for my latest contest! Thank you so much for all the amazing outfits ... this has been so fun!! If you haven't seen your outfit posted, please let me know. I want to make sure I am receiving all entries! You still have until Monday to participate ... have fun, girls!! xoxo

Purple Girls Night Out

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ... well, almost!

Happy Saint Patty's Day!!

Must-have outfits have been pouring in and I am loving them all!! I have no idea how I am going to narrow them down to just 3 favorites! If you haven't submitted an outfit yet, you still have time! I am going to keep the contest open until Monday. I'll be posting more of the entries tomorrow!
Today, I want to give a shout-out to some of the fabulous ladies whose blogs I adore. I snagged their cute buttons for you to link ... and I also updated my blogroll, so be sure to check out these awesome girls!

Le Musings of Moi

Bloggy Blog Designz

Lacey in Love

A Fond Farewell ...

Wow! Is December already upon us? Good golly this year has flown right by! I have been a busy girl lately, hence the blog break. Unfortu...