Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's my party ...

Tomorrow is my birthday ... holla!!
I will wake up a 32-year-old ... woot woot!!
Every year (knock on wood) I am blessed with warm, sunny weather.
This year is no different ... 75 degrees is expected!
{Doing a happy dance!}

 My birthday month always brings a bit of stress to the checking account. It's the time of year when I update my spring/summer wardrobe. My hubby has learned to be a good sport about the dip in funds that the month of April brings.
I am blessed with amazing friends and family who all make me feel so special and loved! Lunch dates, pedicures, shopping trips, and even a home-cooked Italian feast ... this girl is definitely spoiled!
Have a fruity martini on your lunch break tomorrow, listen to a little 90's hip hop (throw in some Britney, too), and soak up some sunshine ....
it's my birthday!!
xoxo xoxo

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maxi Dislike

I know they are a popular trend right now, but I just don't like maxi skirts and dresses. To be fair, I tried on a handful. I hated Uggs before I actually tried them on, and y'all know they are now a winter staple for me. This style, to me, is very sloppy. It doesn't matter how cute of a pattern or color ... they look like night gowns to me. Please don't be offended if this is your go-to style choice right now, I just don't get it.
How cute would all these look in shorter versions? I'd add them to my closet, for sure!

How about you? Do you like the Maxi style?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Kick Off Monday Right ... Dancing Nana

This is my absolute favorite YouTube video right now ... I have watched it over and over, and laughed more and more each time!
Be sure you play all the way to the end ... Nana has a little something to say.
Happy Monday!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Playing along with Handbags & Handguns

I thought I'd play along today with Misty over at Handbags & Handguns. I am an open book, fo' sho', so let's see if I can pop out 5 things you don't already know about yours truly ...
* My two biggest fears in life are snakes and tsunamis.
Creatures that can get around without legs or arms freak me out to no end. We are talking full on panic attacks when I see one ... tears, shortness of breath, paralyzing terror. It is no joke. I used to like them ... we had a class pet snake in the 5th grade, and I would hold it all the time. My family moved in the 7th grade outside of the main city, where it's not country, but there is more open land, meaning snakes roam free. I accidently stepped on a gardener snake in my front yard one summer day and it wrapped itself around my foot (I was wearing sandals). Since then, my fear has grown to where I can't watch videos or look at pictures without my heart racing. And pet stores? I can not walk anywhere near the cages, and make my trips short if the store has them on site. What if one got out of it's cage and is roaming free?
And Tsunamis?
The ocean is a bad ass ... the fact that it can wipe out miles of anything in it's path is serious business. I have mad respect for the depths, the amazing life that it homes for fish and mammals, and it's overall power and beauty. Needless to say, whenever we stay on the coast, I try to make sure we are not housed near the sand, and I map out the closest escape route.
* The girls are saline filled.
After having my 2 kiddos, my bubbies went from being full F cups (at the height of my milk coming in), to shriveling down to skin when I lost all the baby weight. {Yes, they got that big, and no, I did not breastfeed.} I was not into rockin' granny boobs for the remainder of my life, so I had them filled.

* I am a baby whisperer.
Hand me any baby, and I can put them to sleep in minutes. I absolutely adore babies ... I would have more if they stayed itty bitty, but they have to grow I guess. I haven't met a baby yet that my sleepy charm doesn't work on.

* I dream of living in the sunshine.
One day I hope to move to a sunny state. Most of our family lives here in Oregon, and as beautiful and safe this place is to call home, I am happiest in the sun! We just don't get enough warmth around here, and it truly is depressing at times.

* I have sensitive feet.
Despite my love of pedicures, my feet are actually very sensitive! I pretty much only get the massage and nail color at my salon trips, because my feet are very ticklish. I also have to wear slippers around the house for extra padding, and I can not walk outdoors barefoot. I will even wear sandals on the beach! Almost all of my shoes have extra inserts to add cushion, and my feet actually hurt when they are cold.

There ya have it ... did you know any of these little tidbits about me?
You should play along, too! Let me know if you do this on your blog ... I would love to come learn more about you!

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Super Easy Oatmeal-Banana Cookies

What a week it has been! My kiddos brought home a nasty little strep bacteria, so I have been recovering from that this week. Last week, I was laid up in bed on antibiotics. So not fun!
Now that our family is over that lovely sickness, I have been trying to eat a little better and getting back to being healthy. My new year resolution this year is no dieting, and so far I have held up on my goal. I still deal with that darn bloated mid-section though.
{For my new readers, you can catch up here}
I am eating cleaner and eating smaller meals every 3 hours to keep my metabolism running. I am in the first week, and haven't seen major results, but I am sure it will take a bit of time.
One of my favorite bloggers, Love ♥ Kate, posted this recipe and I tried it out on my toughest critic at home - my husband! They were a HIT!! He loves them, and so do my kiddos. So yummy, and super easy to throw together. Give them a try!
Oatmeal Banana Cookies
Base Recipe: 
2 Bananas
1 Cup Quick Oats
I also added:
1 Tbsp Honey
A Handful of Chocolate Chips
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
 Mash up bananas in a bowl and mix in the oats.
You can add any extra ingredients you wish ~ raisins, nuts, peanut butter, chocolate chips, etc...
 Scoop onto a cookie sheet - this recipe makes 12 cookies.
Bake for about 15-20 minutes.
Note - these cookies do not spread out. They will stay in their ball form, so be sure not to overcook.
Let cool a few minutes before enjoying! So so yummy ... and healthy, too!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunshine for the Soul

 This last weekend was absolutely gorgeous. Spring here in Oregon often treats us with a day or two of warmth and sunshine. We always take full advantage of these days and head outdoors! Easter weekend was spent with friends and family, enjoying Downtown Portland on the Waterfront, egg hunts in the backyard, and praising Jesus for all that He has blessed us with!
 Temps were only about 77 degrees, but bring out the shorts and flip-flops! We could not soak up the sun more!! My boys love when they get to spend the entire day outside, getting dirty, playing in the sprinklers, and running off all their energy!
Unfortunately, I went to bed Sunday night with a 101 fever and sore throat and ear aches. Sure enough, I caught a nasty little bacterial strep infection that my kids passed on to me. Thankfully though, I got to enjoy the weekend first.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your families!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mani of the Week ... Holographic

I was so excited when my box of samples arrived from China Glaze ... 6 shades from the new Holographic Collection! I wish that my pics did better justice to these gorgeous shades! The pigments and rainbow of colors just shine so beautifully. Maybe I should put a new camera on my birthday wish list ... after all, it is my birth month - holla!
I actually wore all these colors as my Easter mani ... unfortunately, the 6th shade that was sent, Galactic Gray, was on my other hand. A beautiful brownish-gray color that will debut in next week's mani. I think it will look fabulous with a pop of yellow!
From pinky to thumb ... Not In This Galaxy, Don't Be A Luna-Tic, Astro-Hot, Sci-Fly By, Strap On Your MoonBoots 

 Full Sun Pics

In The Shade

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