Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holy Smokes, Batman!

It's official ... y'all are addicts. Straight-up, bonafied, call-it-what-it-is, Starbucks OBSESSED! Look at all those entries!! So very exciting to see I am not alone in this world with my love of the over-priced, but deeply adored coffee chain.
Before I announce the winner, I have to give a shout-out to a couple yummy-sounding orders that I am definitely going to have to try!
Guilty of Gossip loves a Caramel Apple Cider with whip and caramel drizzle {YUM} and hotpants adores the Signature Salted Hot Chocolate {salty-sweet? sign me up}!!
All of the re-posts and shout-outs were incredible!! Thank you so very much!! The more new followers and friends I make, the more giveaways and freebies you will see here on !!
And now for the winner of the $20 Starbucks Gift Card ... this gal Facebooked and Tweeted for her extra entries!!
who loves Grande Breve Lattes!!
Congrats!! Be sure to email me ( your mailing address so I can get your gift card right out to you!!
Thanks again for all the participants in this month's Fall Giveaway Event!! I have a few more giveaways lined up for the next couple months, so be sure to keep checking in!!
Lots of Love!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Manicure Tips ....

For those of you who don't know, I also blog occasionally over at Manicure Mommas. That's where I posted today, so please go on over and check it out!

And here's another reminder of the Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway ... have you entered yet???

Monday, October 25, 2010

Shout-out to the Birthday Girl !!

A very Happy Birthday to my sis-in-law, Jackie!!
Please hop on over to her blog and send her some love today!
And in honor of Miss Coffee herself (Jackie's world doesn't go 'round without it!), be sure you get your entries in for the Starbucks gift card!! The giveaway ends on Wednesday and a winner will be announced!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Thursday ...

I have been getting over a cold this week. According to Facebook, so has most people on my friends list. 'Tis the season.

My boys and I are heading here for the weekend. Today is all about laundry and packing and cleaning up the house. Most likely it will be raining all weekend, but it's all good.

I am so excited to see all the entries for the Starbucks gift card! Like whoa!! Keep up all the shout-outs to increase your chances of winning! You all rock!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coffee Time !!

This giveaway needs very little explanation, but is sure to put a smile on your face! One thing I love year round, but appreciate the most in the fall, is my favorite Starbucks drink. It is definitely a tricky order, but this girl knows what she likes!
I know there are a lot of coffee fans out there, so who wants to win a
$20 gift card to Starbucks ??
  • Follow me here on - add yourself to that fabulous little box in my sidebar, or you can't win.
  • To enter, comment on what your favorite Starbucks drink order is (no matter how complicated ... oh wait! That is probably just me.)
  • Blog about my giveaway and link back so your readers can find me. (+10 entries)
  • Facebook a shout-out and link back. (+10 entries)
  • Tweet Tweet on Twitter. (+10 entries)

Be sure to let me know when you post a shout-out (just comment here). The more times you do it, the more your entries stack up! I keep tally of each and every entry (I really do!), so spread the word to increase your chances of winning!! This giveaway will run for a week before the winner is chosen!

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's 3pm ... which means we have a winner!!

THANK YOU all so very much for taking time out to enter my giveaway. I am so appreciative for these awesome companies who want me to advertise for them and who are so gracious in giving away products here on my blog. The more entries I receive, the more love we show to these companies. Your shout-outs and support mean so much!!

The lucky winner really gave herself a leg up on the competition and earned herself a ton of entries by blogging, tweeting, following and liking SnorgTees on Facebook ... whew!! This chica really wanted a tee! Ha ha!

Congrats to An Inquiring Mind !!
Please email me { } with your tee of choice and size!!

The next giveaway starts tomorrow ... come back in to see what goodies are up next in my Fabulous Fall Event!!

Tick, tick, tick ...

Due to a crazy busy weekend I had, I have not had time to pick a winner yet for the SnorgTees giveaway. This is actually good news for you ... there is still time to get in a few more entries!! Let all your peeps know of the contest, then be sure to let me know you are spreadin' the word! I will announce the winner by 3pm (p.s.t.) today!! Happy Monday!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Why do vampires gotta be so hot?

The Vampire Diaries
Every Friday, I head over to a girlfriend's house to get my vampire fix. She dvr's the night before, so we can watch it without the commercials.

Season 2 is HOT!! Anyone else watching it?

Are werewolves always in a vampire storyline? I'm not complaining, especially since the wolves are nice to look at in their non-furry forms, but it seems like they are always trying to steal the thunder.

If you aren't watching, then go get Season One on DVD and catch up! Seriously, you are missing out!
And speaking of missing out ... I sure hope you have entered the Snorg Tees giveaway! Spread the word for more chances to win!! One lucky winner will be announced on Sunday!!
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall ... Oh how I love thee!

Crisp Nights

Cozy Fires

Ugg Boots

The Smell of Cider

Bundling Up

Hot Chocolate

The Beauty of the Season

What do you adore?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Playing Dress-Up

Hubby and I are invited to a costume party this year ... what a fun opportunity to dress all slutty cute and partay it up with friends! Here are some costumes I have had my eyes on...

In all honesty, I would love to go as Bella Swan, but I can rock my jeans any old day of the week, and Tim refuses to go as the vampire I so adore. We thought of going as Snooki and Pauly D, but I could pass more for Sammi and nothing really sparkles about her. Anyone have any other ideas for me?? Who is dressin' up this year??

Snorg Tees Giveaway is just a click away ... have you entered yet??

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Turn It Up Tuesday !!

My new ring tone ... love this jam!! Bottoms up!!

When you are done movin' your hips and droppin' down low, please enter my latest giveaway from Snorg Tees!! Scroll on down ... it is right below this post!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Snorg ... even the name is funny!

Check out these hilarious tops from Snorg Tees! I was given the awesome opportunity to receive a free shirt for review from this funny online t-shirt company. It took me days to finally decide on which shirt to call my own, but this one made me giggle a little more (gotta love Will Ferrell in Step Brothers).
The tee is a cool dark gray color and super soft. The website says they run a little small, so I ordered the next size up and got a women's large. I love the fit - perfect length and not too snug! My shirt gets a lot of attention and is a great conversation starter!
These tees would make the perfect gift for all ages, and come in mens, womens and kids sizes. All tees are priced under $20 and select varieties run on sale each week. Snorg Tees also offers hoodies for under $30!

Wanna win a tee of choice?? Here's how to enter ...
  • Be sure you are a follower of ! You gotta have yo'self in that cute lil' box in my sidebar in order for your entries to count.

  • Next up, please visit and pick out your favorite tee. Come back here and tell me which shirt you wanna win.

  • 5 extra entries for adding Snorg Tees to your faves on Facebook. They also have Twitter and Myspace profiles you can check out. Just be sure to let me know you did so!

  • 10 extra entries for blogging, Facebooking, Twittering and emailing about this giveaway!! The more shout-outs, the more chances of winning!! Just comment showing me you linked back here and I will keep tally!

This giveaway runs for a week ... winner will be selected on Sunday, October 17th at 10pm pst. Good Luck!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We have a winner ...

Thanks so much girls for all your entries for the Thirty-One Purse Giveaway!! Be sure to keep Mei in mind for your gift ideas this upcoming holiday season!! I made sure I counted all the extra entries for those of you who blogged and Twittered your shout-outs ... THANK YOU SO MUCH for spreading the giveaway news!!

Congrats to hotpants !!!

Please let me know which skirt you would like for your new purse!!

Be sure to pop back in here tomorrow morning ... the next giveaway will be posted as part of my Fall Giveaway Event!! There are lots of chances to win!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fashion Friday and other news ...

Jacket .. Charlotte Russe
Tee ... Target
Jeans ... AG Adriano Goldschmied
Boots with the fuur (couldn't help myself) ... Aerosoles Squishing Trip

If you haven't entered the Thirty-One Purse Giveaway yet, do it NOW!! The winner will be announced on Sunday!!
Another FABULOUS giveaway will be announced on Monday morning, so be sure to come check it out!!

A Fond Farewell ...

Wow! Is December already upon us? Good golly this year has flown right by! I have been a busy girl lately, hence the blog break. Unfortu...