Friday, October 15, 2010

Why do vampires gotta be so hot?

The Vampire Diaries
Every Friday, I head over to a girlfriend's house to get my vampire fix. She dvr's the night before, so we can watch it without the commercials.

Season 2 is HOT!! Anyone else watching it?

Are werewolves always in a vampire storyline? I'm not complaining, especially since the wolves are nice to look at in their non-furry forms, but it seems like they are always trying to steal the thunder.

If you aren't watching, then go get Season One on DVD and catch up! Seriously, you are missing out!
And speaking of missing out ... I sure hope you have entered the Snorg Tees giveaway! Spread the word for more chances to win!! One lucky winner will be announced on Sunday!!
Happy Friday!!


TLF said...

Oh, I love Vampire Diaries!!

A Real Housewife said...

i adore this show!! too bad there wasn't a new one last night...eff!

Anonymous said...

Hmm maybe it'll be on netflix? And hulu? I've missed out!

Anonymous said...

I'm watching. Love!

Unknown said...

i'm obsessed with the series!!!!! i am in so much love with the salvatore brothers!! and elena, gawd, she's gorgeous!!

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