Friday, October 1, 2010

Foods that pack a punch!

These foods power up your immune system ... we will need all the boosters we can get going into the cold and flu season!

Garlic ... loaded with sulfur-containing compounds that stimulate the multiplication of infection-fighting white blood cells and increases antibodies.

Broccoli ... cooked brocoli contains 123 mg of vitamin C per cup!

Mushrooms ... enhance the function of cytokines which help the body defend against viruses.

Ginger ... contains a plant compound called gingerol that fights cold and flu viruses.

Carrots ... top source of beta carotene which ups the number of infection-fighting cells and helper T-cells.

^Mmmm ... throw all those ingredients in a pan for a yummy stir-fry!!

Ginseng Tea ... just one cup a day triggers a 30% spike in the immune system cells that destroy invading organisms, cutting your risk of infections as much as 40%!

Yogurt ... live cultures, probiotics!! Enough said.

Kiwi and Oranges ... more vitamin C!!

Eating healthier not only keeps the weight issues down, but it is extremely important for your immune system and overall health. Eating foods that are good for you doesn't have to be boring ... just keep in mind the benefits and keep a positive energy about it!

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